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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Birthday - The Right To Gripe Turns 1 Year Old

We made it. One year and going strong. Before I get into the birthday Gripe, let me thank all of our followers for their Gripes and comments on all of the Griping we did throughout 2010. Over the year, we bashed the county, taxes, drivers, and just about everything else you can complain about. I'm sure the next 365 days will bring lots of reasons to Gripe. In fact our proudest moment came when we were banned from Facebook for a short time due to our Gripe on the Mosque situation by Ground Zero in New York. We have also had people block the Gripe from coming their way. I guess we were just too much for them to handle. We had over 1400 hits over the past year including Gripe comments from 3 other states. Over the past year we added The Sports Gripe that dealt just with sports. Yes, I promise to Gripe more about sports this year. As I liked to do over the past year, in celebration of our 1st Birthday, here are 5 Gripe Shots to warm the cockles of your heart.

1. A big thumbs down to Forty Fort Borough Council for proposing a 120% tax increase for 2011. Now I am very familiar with this Council since I sat on it for 4 grueling years. Every year, we talked about raising taxes and fixing roads but did not do so. Now, council realizes that many of our roads just plain suck and "We The People" should be strapped with the bill during hard financial times. To me, this sounds like a Dave Williams plan. Sock it to the people.

2. Another big thumbs down to Forty Fort Borough for not having enough testicular fortitude to go ahead with the 120% tax increase. They buckled under the pressure of the 50 to 60 people who actually showed up to bitch. If your going to do it, just do it! They collapsed during the negotiations of the police contract (what a joke that was), they buckled like a house of cards when that crook Rob Mericle threatened to sue because of the new parking plan on Welles St and now they back off like a scared rabbit. Mind you I am not for whacking the people, but our roads suck and our sewer system is old. Like Nike says, Just Do It!

3. I saw a story this morning on Good Morning America about how people in New York were stranded due to the 1 foot plus of snow that Mother Nature dumped their way. The story went on to talk about people stuck in the subway. WHAT! How in the hell do you get stuck in the subway! It's freakin underground! The people they interviewed that were stuck in their cars made it sound like they were trapped on Mt. Everest. They whined that it was cold, they were hungry and they had to go to the bathroom. Shit, bundle up, eat your children and pee on the roadside. Doesn't everyone have an emergency blanket in the car, crumbs on the floor and an old coffee cup in the cup holder. I could live in my car for a month or more.

4. A resounding FU goes out to all of these terrorist bastards. I am sick and tired of their crap. Nine nimrods were just apprehended in London for plotting to bomb the U.S. Embassy and the London Stock Exchange. London police believe that political and religious figures may also have been targeted. When these slobs start targeting religious figures then "We The People" need to take things into our own hands. Let's start stringing these sons of bitches up by their sacks. I'm really starting to get pissed off with this. If it's a Holy War they want, it's a Holy War they will get.

5. Finally, now that I am drunk from doing Gripe Shots, a big swift kick to the nuts goes out to Turkey Hill. Yes, they were open on Christmas Day. Nothing should be open on Christmas Day. My heart goes out to the poor bastards that have to work. There is no reason to be open. Gas up, bread up, coffee up and get everything else you need a day or two before. Right now I am calling for a Christmas Day ban of Turkey Hill next year.

There you have it, 5 Gripe Shots in celebration of The Right To Gripes 1st Birthday. Coming up, I will be throwing up my wishes for 2011 on The Gripe as well as my sports wishes on The Sports Gripe. Stay tuned. Also, I have been thinking of adding "The Schmuck Of The Week" to The Gripe. What do you think. Let me know. Add a comment or email me at rkramden@epix.net.


  1. I agree with u on ur # 5, I think u should fight for the TL csr dept to be close on xmas too not only Turkey Hills soo plz don't schedule anyone for next year... also ur #3, not all the subways are underground haven't u been to NYC? guess not, u should try to schedule a vacation day or two that way u'll know more about how the NYC subways run.....EL

  2. Back Mountain BanditDecember 28, 2010 at 1:01 PM

    Ed Rendell for schmuck of the week. Complaining that America is a bunch of wusses because a football game was postponed? Why risk people's lives to go see the eagles play. I guess he wanted a replay of I-81 from a few years ago on I-76.