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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Luzerne County To Close Moon Lake Park

It looks like Luzerne County is giving it to the people in the back pocket again with their announcement to close Moon Lake Park. Their fiscal irresponsibility along with their greed and corruption has once again been taken out on the people that they serve. Over the past several months the county nitwits have instituted a bogus levy tax, performed a joke called reassessment, raised our taxes 15% and now they whack us with the closing of Moon Lake Park. According to their own estimates, Moon Lake attracted between 100,000 and 150,000 people every year. Now due to their diligent efforts to flush money down the toilet "we the people" are getting punished again. It appears that our commissioners have looked at the bottom line of the Moon Lake budget and dropped the fiscal ax. However, if you look at the 2009 Luzerne County budget which is available on their web site, you will see that last year Moon Lake lost $190,379.00. By looking at this number alone you may want to agree with their decision. This amount of money is at least 3 or 4 salaries for their political cronies. God forbid we could not get rid of them. Instead the commissioners take Moon Lake to the chopping block to lop its head off. After a careful examination of the Moon Lake budget, I have a few questions.

1. Under the Parks/Recreation Concessions area of their budget the county claims that they collected $6,500.00 total which includes the sales of soda and food. They also claim that they spent $6,000.00 for these items. This means that they made only $500.00 in the sales of all concession items. Last time I checked they had a pool with a concession along with the boat house down by the lake that sold bait along with munchies. If they only made $500.00 on this stuff something is wrong. My guess would be money is going into someone's pocket.

2. In the areas of personnel, the county is spending $108,990.00 for the employees that work at Moon Lake Park. According to their budget, $73,717.00 goes toward salaries and wages with $45,322.00 being paid out to management. I would guess that they only have one manager there? This means that only $28,395 is going to other employees. Are you kidding me? They must have only one other poor sap working there or a bunch of part timers. The county is also paying $24,480.00 in benefits and $7,043.00 in employer's contribution taxes. My question is do we need a full time manager there in the winter months? I say NOT!

So, what is the solution? I think it is simple. Currently, when you pull into the park you have to go by the station house. If the county charged $2.00 for every person that entered they would actually make money. You would have to pull up to the station, sign in and pay your $2.00. If 100,000 people visit each year as the county states that would bring in an additional $200,000. Based on their numbers this fee would actually give them a profit of about $10,000. They could also have a park permit available for people and families that visit the park on a regular basis. They could charge $20.00 per permit which would give park visitors access to everything in the park including the pool for the entire year. In 2009, the pool at Moon Lake only brought in $5,000.00 in swimming pool fees. This amount seems very low to me. If 10,000 people or 10% of their visitors purchased this park pass they would make $200,000.00. As you know, I am not a big fan of taxes and charges, but in this case I don't think that people who go to Moon Lake would mind paying $2.00 to save the park they love. As for the $20,00 park fee, it may actually save people some money who use the pool a few times a week.

My question is did the county actually look at viable options to keep Moon Lake alive or did they just say ax the bastard because we are losing money on this thing? I think they quickly sentenced the park to death. I am sick and tired of the Luzerne County officials and their pillaging of the people. They keep raising taxes, levying new taxes while cutting services to the people. What the hell are they doing with all of this money? Big changes need to be made and it starts with all of us at election time.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Goodbye to Conan O'Brien And I Say It's About Time

Talk show host Conan O'Brien said goodbye to the Tonight Show last night after a lengthy feud between NBC and Jay Leno. All I have to say is "It's about fuckin' time"! This guy sucked! He just plain sucked! Every time you watched him you thought you were on a Suck-A-Thon. You wanted to dial the phone to make a donation just to get him off the air. He was not funny and man was he tough on the eyes. He was so ugly to look at I couldn't watch for more than three or four minutes before my retina's started to burn. That ghost white appearance along with those beady little eyes made for tough viewing. Also, I have to ask, what kind of haircut does he have? That scoop in the front makes his melon look about twice as big as it really is. Baby, that's one big noggin! Of course, the media is now blitzing us with more Conan O'Brien stories than we care to handle. Actually I have to ask, "Does anyone really give a rats ass about Conan O'Brien"? He should have been axed from the airways a long time ago when they had him on after the tonight show. Speaking of giving a rats ass, does anyone actually watch these talk shows at night? We now have had a ton of them and they all seem to suck. Everybody and their brother has a talk show. There is David Letterman, Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, George Lopez and Craig Ferguson. I know you are now asking, "Who the hell is Craig Ferguson?" Ferguson took over for Conan on the late, late show that airs after The Tonight Show. They all of course pale in comparison with the King, Johnny Carson. When Carson left The Tonight Show they should have ended it there. People actually stayed up to watch Johnny and the greatest sidekick ever Ed McMahon. You waited for Ed to say, "Here's Johnny! As you read this you can hear him say it. When you have a good thing and it's time for it to end, don't try to recreate it. Just let it go. Let's hope that NBC along with all the other networks will just let Conan go. Please don't try to torture us with an hour of pure comedic torture. Sifting through 300 satellite channels over and over and over and over with nothing on is torture enough.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Taxes On The Rise Again

Yep, that's right, our taxes are going up again. Luzerne County is slapping on another 10% to our taxes for 2010. Due to their total mismanagement of money along with their greed, bribery and graft "We The People" are getting the "Shitty End Of The Stick" once again. In addition to the County increase, residents from 26 of our 76 municipalities will also see an additional tax increase. If you live in Hanover Twp, Lehman Twp or Dorrance Twp you will see your local taxes go up more than 100%. You read that right, 100%! I didn't add an extra zero on the end by accident. Of course along with these increases we all got whacked with reassessment and the bogus levy tax. How much more can we take? I'll tell you how much more we can take...NONE! Did you know there are actually 3 property taxes that we pay. One from the county, one from the school district that you live in and one from the town you live in. When you open your paycheck, 38% of your hard earned money goes for some sort of tax. I can't take it anymore! Tax, tax, tax. Soon they will be taxing the air we breath. I think our founding fathers threw a little tea party in Boston many moons ago and I think its time we do the same. Take a tea bag, put it in an envelope along with a note that says, "No More Taxes - We are not going to take it anymore" and mail it to the County Commissioners, your mayor or town council, your state and federal representatives and senators to let them know we are sick and tired of taxes. We The People deserve better!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Mark McGwire Fesses Up (Boo Hoo)

On Monday, January 11th baseball took another blow to the gut when Mark McGwire confessed to using performance enhancing drugs. Of course, none of us were surprised by this admission of gulit, only surprised that he actually came forward and spilled the beans. By the way, don't get the beans I mention here confused with "The Beanies" or uppers that players used to take before the games. Through all of the sniffles and tears, Big Bloated Mac poured out his guts to the public along with so many "I'm Sorries" that I alomst broke down and had a good cry right along with him.....NOT! This guy along with Rafael Palmeiro sat in front of a congressional hearing and flat out lied. As we all know, Palmerio tested positive for performance enhancers and now McGwire confesses. What I want to know is why are they not being served arrest warrants for lying to a congressional hearing? Immunity was not granted for the players that testified. If it was you or I, we would already be in the crowbar hotel eating 3 squares and sharing a shower with Tyrone. Why do these crimes go unpunished? In general, it all makes me sick! I say, we strip him of his records, ban him from any consideration for the Hall Of Fame and send him packing. A lifetime ban ala Pete Rose would do just fine. Rose never cheated, he just laid down a few wagers on some games. Speaking of McGwire's bloated records, would you believe this guy actually had enough nerve to call the family of Roger Maris to apologize for being a cheater? I'm sure the Maris family showed a ton of class and actually spoke to this bum. Their father Roger Maris was a classy player who never worried about himself. He was a team player unlike these slobs playing today minus Derek Jeter and a few others.

The question we have to ask now is, "Where do we go from here"? The answer I guess is within every baseball fan in America. Do we strike all of the records of players who confessed or tested positive? Do we put the ole' *asterisk next to their names or do we just forget about it and move on. I think major league baseball will take the latter road to follow. They are gutless lizards who are wishing that this will all blow over soon. As for myself, I say we strike their records and ban them from "The Hall" because they flat out cheated. We are taught as children to be honest and not to cheat. You don't cheat on a test, you don't cheat at monopoly or cards and "Damn It" you shouldn't cheat in sports. They gave the game of baseball a black eye by compromising the integrity of the game. For that they should pay the ultimate penalty...banishment from the game that they and we all love.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The BCS - What A Joke (I Can't Remember The Punch Line)

I just took a look at the final BCS poll and guess what? Yep, I threw up! This thing is nothing but a serious joke. As you all know, I am not a Penn State fan, however they just beat LSU in a bowl game less than a week ago and the BCS has them ranked below LSU. How can that be? LSU is number 12 and PSU is number 13. To top it off, LSU is 9-4 and the Nitany Lion are 11-2. Would somebody please tell me what I may be missing. Also, Boise St., one of the only two undefeated teams in the nation is ranked #6 behind 4 other 1 loss teams. To add insult to injury, TCU who Boise St beat only 4 days ago in the Fiesta Bowl is ranked higher at #4. Once again I ask, how can this happen? Speaking of a joke, Nebraska who beat the BCS beloved Arizona Wildcats in their bowl game finished with a 10-3 record. Their three losses to Iowa St., Virginia Tech (11th in BCS) and Texas (2nd in BCS) were by a total of 4 points. That's right, 4 points. Guess where the mental midgets of the BCS have them ranked? #22. Are you kidding me? There are 7 teams with worse records ahead of them including Arizona who finished 8-5 and lost to Nebraska in the Holiday Bowl. The farce goes on. The Miami Hurricanes who lost to Wisconson in the Champs Sports bowl finished with a 9-4 record. I think you know where this is going! The Badgers beat Miami but are ranked lower at #25 with a 10-3 record. Now you may be inclined to say that the Big 10 is weak. Maybe? However, they were 4-3 in bowl games this year with wins over Miami (ACC), LSU (SEC), Oregon (Pac 10) and Georgia Tech (ACC). These teams finished the season ranked 15th, 12th, 7th and 9th respectively. For the record, the BCS's beloved Pac 10 finished 2-4 in bowl play this year. The BCS loves the Pac 10 and the proof is in the final poll. Three teams that are ranked in the top 25 are 8-5. Guess what, they are all from the Pac 10. They are Oregon St, Arizona and Stanford. They should not even be ranked with an 8-5 record. Can you say OVER RATED! I can. Speaking of the Pac 10 it looks like USC Coach Pete Carroll is taking the head coaching job for the Seattle Seahawks. He is getting out of dodge before the sheriff (NCAA) gets into town. USC just threw their basketball team under the bus for rules violations but has not found the wisdom to pull their heads out of the sand to investigate their own football team. This of course is a topic for another day. Speaking of USC, how on earth are they even ranked (#24) after losing 4 games to conference opponents Washington, Oregon, Stanford and Arizona by a combined 68 points. That's an average of 17 points per game or 2 touchdowns and a field goal. Their average margin of victory was 16 points. W-H-A-T?

It's time college football wises up and tells the BCS to take a hike. Let's can the preseason polls so we have no preconceived notions before week #5. After the games in the 5th week let's put the polls out. In 2008, 52% of the teams in the AP and USA Coaches Poll were not ranked at the end of the year. How can you possibly know how good or bad a team is before they take the field to play a game. You can only guess. Do away with strength of schedule. If you beat a team doesn't it diminish your strength of schedule in the log run? I don't really know the formula for this. Neither does Einstein. In a way wouldn't you hurt yourself by winning. Let's institute a playoff. This year we had 34 bowl games. More than half of the teams that played in them did not belong in a bowl game. Let's use some of these bowls as playoff games. The others can be filled up by the other teams. The major bowls, Rose, Sugar, Orange, Fiesta as well as the old New Year's Day favorites Cotton, Gator, Liberty amongst others should be used. Fifteen of the 34 bowls would be used for the playoffs. The top 16 teams make the playoffs. It would be over in 4 weeks. This years bowl schedule started on December 19th and ran until January 7th. If I am counting correctly, that is exactly 21 days or 3 weeks. Let the teams play 10 regular season games instead of 12 or 13. This would start the playoff the 3rd Saturday in December with it ending the 2nd Saturday in January with the National Championship. If they are worried about them getting in all of their conference games all they have to do is STOP scheduling all of these Division AA opponents. It's time they stopped whopping up on these teams and getting credit for it. If you play a AA school you should automatically drop 2 spots in the polls. Wouldn't all of this make more sense than what we have now?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stuff That Does Not Work

I don't know about you, but I am getting sick and tired of things that don't work. It happens all the time. You go to the store to buy something, you are all psyched up about it when you get home, you open the package set it all up and guess what? It doesn't work. The let down is monumental! I can't take it anymore! It's the same thing with the internet. You download something and guess what? It doesn't work. An example of this is the ESPN News gadget I downloaded for this page. I dropped it in this blog and guess what? Its not working! It has been loading for 20 minutes now. I'm not sure it will ever stop loading. Of course I have a theory on all this stuff not working. As we all know, most of the things that we buy are made in China. Of course that is a topic for another GRIPE. The Chinese have realized that a war with the USA would be insane with no winner emerging from a conflict of this magnitude. Instead, they will make products that do not work which will drive us to murdering each other or at least the clerk that sold us the piece of junk. If we are all in prison or we have all been executed for these murders they can walk right in and take what they want. The plan is genius. It will take them several lifetimes to accomplish their goal but I think it may work. By the way, the ESPN Gadget is still loading. No go yet. It must be from ESPN.Fareast. How much more of this can we take before we go insane!