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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Slaming Down A Couple Of Gripe Shots

It's been a while since I slugged down a couple of shots of Gripe. So lets toast to letting loose on a few Gripes.

I noticed the other day that the county is spending money to get the steps fixed on the North St. side of the courthouse. Ok, right? The question I have here is why fix the steps if no one is going to use them? You can only go in one side of the courthouse due to the high security that has been put in place since 911. That just doesn't make sense to me. Unless they are going to open this entrance to the public, then they just wasted another bag of taxpayers money. I suspect that our taxes will go up again next year to support this project and projects like these. Don't get me wrong here, the courthouse is a grand old building steeped in history good and bad. Lately it has been real bad.

You know what I am sick and tired of? I am sick and tired of Coalbillies in big old pickup trucks driving like they own the road. These no toothed, slack jawed neanderthals drive these huge beat up pickup trucks with total abandoned for other drivers. Shit, these mullet wearing monkeys don't give a rats ass because the piece of junk they are driving can be replaced for about $50.00. These Coalbillies usually have the truck bed filled with junk that flies out of the truck onto the road with every turn. They usually have a hole in their muffler if they have one at all on the truck. I say get them in an AMC Pacer where they won't be so dangerous.

Let me tell you what I can't understand. I can't figure out why the History Channel would have Larry The Cable Guy host an actual show on their network. His new show is called Only In America With Larry The Cable Guy. I can only take about 3 minutes of the Southern drawl which includes his catch phrase of "Git Er Done". In my opinion History Channel just lowered their standards to gain the hillbilly audience who now have TV's. I always took the History Channel as a network that promoted educational television. I guess we can educate ourselves on how to act like a slack jawed hillbilly. The Coalbillies in those old pickup trucks love this show. Only In America Would This krap be so popular.

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