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Monday, April 11, 2011


One day I had the misfortune of driving through the town of Plymouth. As I sat at one of the red lights I thought to myself, Why would anyone want to come to Plymouth? Of course that immediately got my mind racing with reasons which led me to the latest series here on the R2G. Last week I said I would do it, so here it is. Ten days and ten reasons why you do not want to go to Plymouth.


It's April and they still have their Christmas decorations up. Yes, it must be Christmas all year around in Plymouth. As you enter the town from either end on Main Street, you will see the big Happy Holidays banner lights strung across the road. They also still have their telephone poll lights up which consist of large light up snowflakes. Every time I drive through Plymouth I expect to see a dirty drunk Santa Claus with a bottle of Jack and a dozen wings waving to the cars. Listen up Plymouth.....TAKE DOWN THE DAMN CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS YOU LAZY BASTARDS!

Look for REASON #9 tomorrow.

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