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Monday, April 25, 2011


Reason #10 - They Still Have Their Christmas Lights Up
Reason #9 - More Red Lights Than The Law Allows
Reason #8 - Coalbillies
Reason #7 - Even The Laundromat Closed
Reason #6 - Main Street Mama's
Reason #5 - WVW High School, what a dump!
Reason #4 - Time Warp

Reason #3 - Dive Bars

Amongst other vile and horrible things, Plymouth is well known for the number of dive bars that are available on the Main Street. It was once said that you could not go up one side of Main St and then down the other while stopping in for a shot in each and every tavern. Nothing rivals Main Street in Plymouth for dive bars per square foot, not even Edwardsville. The lineup of dumps includes Bottle Caps, End Zone, Mergo's, Old Tyme Tavern, Leo's and Maxies. A list of roach infested dives if I ever saw one. Of course, all of these places are hangouts for the Coalbillies. The no toothed, slack jawed Coalbillies stagger in and out of these places more often than they change their underwear. Wait a minute, do they even wear underwear? That is a sight I do not want to see! Anyway, my recommendation to you is DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT go to Plymouth to partake in a libation or two. If you do and you ask for a tall cold one, they may serve up Uncle Verne's cold corpse for a little fun. If you are a daring enough, try the Plymouth Dive walk to see if you can make it!

Tomorrow - The #2 Reason Not To Go To Plymouth.

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