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Monday, May 9, 2011

Fecal Fee - Dumped On Again!

I opened my mail this past weekend and found an envelope that I had never seen before. In the back of my mind I thought, maybe this is some sort of check. HA! No such luck. I opened the envelope to find my new Sewage Rental Fee of $31.25 from the Borough of Forty Fort. WHAT! I now have to pay rent to use the sewer! By the way, nice cover up name. When and where will this end? Last year I paid $55.00 for my Recycling/Sewer Fee so I quickly dug through my paid bill receipts and confirmed what I had already known. I then dug through some more to find that I had paid $55.00 this year for my "Recycling Fee". Of course this was minus the word "sewer". I stepped back, cleared the room and blew my stack! My combo recycling and sewer "FEES" just went from $55.00 to $81.25! What a bunch of crap!

Just think, I have to pay a Water Bill, Sanitary Authority Bill and now a Sewage Rental Fee just to take a dump! This Sewer Rental Fee reeks of feces just like the Luzerne County Levy Tax. What if I don't want to rent the sewer? I'll tell you what. Right on the bill it states that if you don't pay this "FEE", they will shut off your water. WHAT! ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! The water has nothing to do with it! How can they shut off my water if I pay my water bill? This is preposterous! How can this be? I am dumbfounded by this whole thing. I have lived in Forty Fort for 17 years, sat on its Council for 4 years and all I have seen is the town "whacking" its residents for more money. They keep coming up with more fees to hit their residents with and I am sick and tired of bucking up my hard earned money to government! Enough is enough! I am just about ready to wash with rain water, use candles for light and build an outhouse in the backyard so I can take a dump.

Coming up this Thursday on the R2G, my 11 candidates for Luzerne County Council.


  1. It's $125.00 ( sewer ) PLUS the $55.00 recycling a year...Once again the residence of Forty Fort get the shitty end of the stick. PUN INTENDED !

  2. Besides the recycling...the sewer rental fee and the actual sewer bill there is also a sewer tax! How about that for a kick in the teeth??! Perhaps residents should begin taking their bathroom business to the parking lot of the borough building :) It is getting beyond ridiculous! Where are the good ol fashioned revolts our Nations history is fraught with??! Lets change things! Lets get back our right not to pay 3 or 4 ways for the same service!!