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Friday, June 24, 2011

Amusing Local Notes-Meth, Bath Salts and The Intercomodal

Over the past few days while looking through the newspaper and on line, I found myself chuckling under my breath about some of the idiots that live here in the Northeast Pennsylvania. I am never surprised by what I read in the news when it comes to the slack jawed coalbillies that live around us. Here area a few local news tidbits that caught my eye.

In Friday's Times Leader I read about the Meth bust on Blackman St in Wilkes-Barre. No surprise right? These drug peddling pigs should be strung up by their genitiles right in the middle of public square. What I found so amusing about this story was the fact that 48 year old, self employed mason Glen Kocher was the mastermind behind the meth operation. I guess the brick laying business was not so good. Here is where it gets better. Also arrested was his wife, Donna and his GIRLFRIEND Amanda Adamski. WHAT! Are you FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! His wife AND his girlfriend! What in the hell was going on here? Look at this guy! A NASCAR shirt and army fatigues. The husband, the wife, the girlfriend and many viles of Meth!

While we are on the subject of drugs, our idiot Governor Tom "slash and burn" Corbett finally signed a law into effect that bans the possession, use and sale of synthetic drugs, AKA Bath salts. In case you have had your head up your ass, these synthetic drugs have been sold over the counter in stores throughout the area. The "Salts" when taken drive people to go Ape Shit. It was reported a while ago that a couple on Bath Salts were tearing out the walls of their home because they thought people were living in them. The signing of this law is a good thing. The only question I have is, "What the hell took him so long"? This crap has been in the news for months and months and just now he is signing the law into play.

There seems to be lots of confusion surrounding the old Hotel Sterling and the City Of Wilkes-Barre. Are you surprised? Wilkes-Barre city claims the state Department of Community and Economic Development approved the transfer of $3 million earmarked for the Sterling Hotel project to the Intercomodal Transportation Center in 2009 because “CityVest failed to meet conditions of the grant agreement". The Times Leader reported that, According to Drew McLaughlin, administrative coordinator for Mayor Tom Leighton, the city made the request to DCED in November 2009 to redirect the $3 million, and the state agency approved it. The $3 million was allocated through the state’s Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program, which is administered by the state Office of the Budget. “CityVest did not meet the special conditions of the grant agreement, and the state was not going to give CityVest the $3 million,” McLaughlin said. “The city was going to lose the money entirely.” To avoid losing the funding, McLaughlin said, the city requested it be redirected to the Intermodal project, which through the years had grown from a project of $12 million to one totaling $27 million. McLaughlin said the state agreed to the transfer of the funding to help pay for “unforeseen site conditions, scope changes, and anticipated construction cost increases due to initial delays which were out of the city’s control.” He said examples of the unforeseen site conditions included excavation work and utility line repairs or relocation that were necessary. “Scope changes would include additional concrete that was installed in the bus terminal area and a temporary road that was added to the project for Provincial Tower residents to have a route to their garage outside of the construction zone,” McLaughlin said. All I have to say here is here we go again, the City Of Wilkes-Barre playing with money. I took a little trip over to the Intercomdal Center and let me tell you, its nothing to look at. I can't figure out what the hell cost $27 million to build. Its a shithole! It's nothing but a bunch of bus and cab stalls, the Martz terminal, Franks News and a bunch of low life, scum bag losers hanging around. I think somebody lined their pockets with some of this money?

There are 3 quick observations that I have made from the local news this past week. You can bet that the blunt skulled neanderthals of the Valley will keep us amused for a long time.

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