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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tour - De - Jackass

One of our Gripers, Robert W. has checked in with a great Gripe. Remember, if you are fed up and just can't take it anymore, don't take it out on the dog, GRIPE IT! Send your Gripe over to rkramden59@epix.net and I will post it up. Here is Robert W.'s Gripe.....

Today i have to get this off my chest, because i just cant take much more of it. I wonder if anyone took notice to the "professional" bikers taking to the streets like they own them. Now as most of you know I'm all for trying to stay in shape, however when I'm driving down the street and Lance Armstrong and his buddies think they own the road it lights a fuse in my ass. I have to do everything in my power to stop myself from turning my vehicle into the entire pack! I am sick and tired of everyone wanting the right of way on the road. What about the vehicle itself! Hell if I hit one of these Tour de jackass riders I'm the one who ends up getting screwed! I've just about had it! I'm ready to blow a gasket! Everyone wants, wants, wants.... wtf !

What ever happened to common courtesy ? What ever happened to this place? Guess it's true that most people in this world only care about themselves,and that my friends in the end is what really pisses me off. I love people, I like to talk and learn about people. Everyone has a story just remember that! Maybe that's what is keeping me from driving over Lance and his pals.

You are so correct. I was eating breakfast in the Whitehouse Diner in Forty Fort Saturday morning and a pack of Lance Armstrong wannabees came in to eat. By the way, if you want a good breakfast, go over to the Whitehouse Diner on Welles St in Forty Fort. I had to throw in the plug! Anyway, these Tour-De-Jackass guys had the fixings, team shirts, spandex shorts and the special biking shoes. They also had guts hanging out of those spandex shorts. I laughed to myself when I saw these clowns. I too would not deny anyone the right to be in shape, however these bikers need to get the hell out of the way before I run them over.

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