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Friday, October 21, 2011

Animal Slaughter

I was outraged at the slaughter of more than 50 animals including 18 Bengal Tigers in Ohio this week. In case you didn't know, the Bengal Tiger is an endangered species. I guess this is a fact everywhere in the world except Ohio. It appears that the owner of an exotic animal compound had committed suicide which left the animals without any supervision. Word from Ohio is now coming out that the owner of Muskingum County Animal Farm, Terry Thompson opened the fences and cages and then took his own life. I am outraged, but not surprised that the order to kill was quickly given to the cops. This makes me sick to my stomach. It makes we want to puke green bile all over myself. Over 50 beautiful animals were killed. Ohio police made every excuse in the book as to why they needed to pull out their long range rifles to open fire. Their excuses ranged from the public was in danger to it was getting dark out. I think it was the easy way out. I bet the cops eyes got big when they were given the order to shoot. It was the big game hunt that they would never see otherwise.

The biggest part of this slaughter in Ohio is the killing of the Bengal Tigers. There are only about 1400 of them left on the entire planet and now 18 are gone. That means in a matter of a few hours, 1.3% of the Bengal Tiger population was killed for no reason what-so-ever. Out of the 56 total animals that escaped, one grizzly bear, 3 leopards and 2 monkeys were captured alive. It figures they would capture the filthy monkeys alive. I hate monkeys! Anyway, why the grizzly bear and leopards and not the tigers? Oh, I forgot. It was getting dark. There are many questions to ask here. Could they have rounded these animals up by using tranquilizer guns? Could they have used snares? Could they have lured them in with food? I would think so. Warn everyone to stay in their homes and go capture them alive. Don't just kill them. It must have been like the Higgins Pigeon Shoot. There are however a few animals still unaccounted for. A monkey infected with Herpes has not been captured and is assumed still out there or was eaten by a tiger. Yes, you read that right, a monkey infected with Herpes. God only knows how the monkey got Herpes.

The bottom line here is animals died and it did not have to happen. No one should be able to own these types of animals...period. The owner, Terry Thompson had been in trouble with the law for letting animals roam around, for noise violations and animal cruelty. Why did they let his farm stay open? Why didn't they take the animals away from him? Ohio is one of the few states in the U.S. that allows this to happen. Anyone can go buy a tiger in Ohio. There have been 22 incidents involving large animals in Ohio since 2003 including the death of a man who was feeding his bear. My guess would be that Ohio will now get up off their asses to pass legislation concerning what should be wild animals. Let's hope they do so we can prevent this type of senseless slaughter.

The Right To Gripe will be on the road this weekend. I will be heading to our nations capital, Washington D.C. and maybe a tour of the Pentagon. I hope to come back with a few juicy tidbits for you all.

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  1. well to a point i do agree with you ,however the bengal tiger on the loose is really a bad situation they will attack and kill and you may not even know what just killed you.could they have tried other methods to trap or capture these animals maybe, but we must understand time is an issue when it comes to wild animals they can roam to great distances in a short period of time. so therefor i can not agree with you totally. one more thing i hate monkeys as well.