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Thursday, October 27, 2011


The R2G was on the road this past weekend visiting our nations capitol, Washington D.C. While there I got a first hand tour of the Pentagon from my Washington insider and let me tell you it is impressive. In case you didn't know, there is a full Food Court located inside the Pentagon along with a full service CVS, DMV, Eye Doctor and upscale restaurant. There are also several snack shops throughout the corridors as well as a restaurant in the center courtyard. The Pentagon employs about 2100 people which is like a small community. During my time I also visited the 911 Pentagon memorial located right outside where those yellow bellied bastards crashed the plane killing 184 innocent people. Of course while I drove to and from D.C., I encountered several things that sent me into a fury. Of course, when I mention several Gripes you know what that means.....GRIPE SHOTS! Pull up a stool and settle in because we are going to down some GRIPE SHOT!

1. I have to say the only thing I found to be bad in the Pentagon was the toilet paper. Of course while I was there mother nature made a call and I was forced to drop a deuce, pinch a loaf, cop a squat and drop a bomb. When I went for the shit tickets I found the thinnest TP that I have ever seen. I may have been better off with some leaves from the courtyard. This paper was so thin I was in fear that I'd be giving myself a rectal exam. Now I know where the Super Congress is saving money. This paper was worse than the Scott single roll.

2. While on my drive I encountered the old tractor trailer side by side on the interstate. It never fails that when you get a good run of going about 75mph you come upon two trucks side by side going about 50mph. Of course, both of them are going the same speed to no one can get by. This crap drives me into a mega road rage. These road mules will travel for several miles like this backing up traffic as far as the eye can see. And guess what, they don't give a rats ass! These drivers think they own the road and they show it. To all of those side by side truck drivers I say go to hell you bastards.

3. Also while in the car, I listened to ESPN Radio for a while or should I say until I threw up. All these bone heads talk about is Tim Tebow, Tim Tebow, Tim Tebow. You would think he is the second coming of Christ! Let's face it, this guy is not a great quarterback. He can run, but his passing skills are mediocre at best. For some reason, the ESPN morons have latched onto this guy and are riding him like a prostitute on Saturday night. I just don't get it. They talk like he is going to lead the Bronco's to the Super Bowl. The only place he is going to lead them is into the crapper. To sum this up, he ain't no Aaron Rogers.

4. Finally, what the hell is taking FEMA so long in getting flood aid to the people of Pennsylvania. The winter is quickly approaching and the Einsteins at FEMA have been delaying in getting aid to flood victims throughout the state. Hell, our government seems to get aid to other countries quicker than its own people. That is a disgrace! It's time we stop bailing all these countries out. We need to take care of ourselves and NOW! FEMA needs to step on the flood aid gas pedal to get this relief aid out to the people who need it!

There you have it. Another round of GRIPE SHOTS. If you are intoxicated with GRIPE, hand over the keys and stay the night. We can drink down some GRIPE deep into the night.

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