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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Valley Update

The New York Times reported that the Penn State Board of Trustees are currently putting together a plan to oust Head Football Coach Joe Paterno. Reports say JoePa could be gone in days to weeks. Penn State cancelled Paterno's weekly press conference for this afternoon.


  1. Seems like PennState no different than NotreDame and the Catholic priest Scandels

  2. When has there ever been proof of molestation at Notre Dame? When has there ever even been accusations of this? Where did you learn to spell? Who are you? Why are you hiding behind an anonymous name? Why are you being prejudice towards Catholics? There are over nine accounts of reported child molestation against Sandusky. Why won't Joe speak? What else is the University of Scumbags hiding? Where did you learn to type? Why didn't Joe Pa step down in 2008 after all those players on his team got arrested, He clearly never had control over this team over the last decade and a half.

    If I ever saw one of MY Co-workers molesting a child I wouldn't go and tell my boss... I would go straight to the friggen authorities! You know why? Because if I went to my boss and he swept it under the rug and then I failed to report it to the correct authorities I WOULD BE IN THE SLAMMER ALONG WITH THE PERV HIM/HERSELF! Joe should have been gone long ago. Now he should be gone... to prison. And Sandusky? He should be castrated and beaten daily with an electric prod for 10 hours a day until he can't do anything but sleep and piss himself.

    As for Curley and Schultz for sweeping it under the rug? I say a nice long jail sentence where they can get beaten by the inmates would do nicely.