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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reader Comments On Happy Valley

WOW, the problems out at Happy Valley are really hitting a nerve with people. Here are a few of the responses that I got via Facebook.

This one is from Tim PA Juggalo - Jim you hit it on the head. This area has a lot of Christians in it. I was raised Catholic and one of the things we were taught was your morals are just as if not more important as anything else you do. Joe Pa screwed the pooch here. Yes we are all human and we make mistakes. Just because he was a legend for all those years doesn't make this HUGE mistake any less significant. Legally he did correct. Morally he didn't. There is no justifying his lack of action. I hate Penn State but I had respect for Joe Pa. The key word is HAD. No more. And these students rioting over this? Continuing to prove my point of Perennial Scumbag U.

Another comment from Rebecca F. - I know I will get a lot of heat for this comment but it needs to be said and so far I haven’t heard it!!! In regards to what happened yesterday at PSU, if we are all to be so self righteous about what has happened last night and what Joepa should have done 4 or 5 years ago, then what happened there last night should happen to the Pope and every other Catholic Church official that has ever seen or heard of it happening in their organization. When it comes down to it the "self-importance" of College Football like the "self-importance" of the Catholic Church is not the issue, it’s the proper and just education & welfare of our young people. To point fingers and place blame is not the answer, the answer is to protect the children from it happening in the first place by the time the act is committed the damage is done!!!!!!

This one is from The Bobcat - Ok I am Penn state fan y didn't mike query if he witness the abuse take the boy to safety that is my only question there plus the second mile if they knew about Sandusky y didn't they report it to the police all in all it was a failure of a lot of people plus it happen on joepa watch

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