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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Guest Gripe - Press 17 To Read This Gripe

I love it! Our Gripers are weighing in with Gripes left and right. Here is a Gripe from one of our very faithful readers who has had enough with automated phone systems.


While i was at work yesterday I nearly sliced my throat! That's right you heard me correctly. I work at, well lets just say a busy place where I take and make a lot of phone calls. I don't want anyone calling me unnecessarily. Anyway to the point of this gripe, I made a call to schedule an appointment,(theres your first hint) and I kid you not this is true, the voice prompt girl almost had me slice my throat! She got up to for Carol press 17! ayfkm !!!!! Press 17! I thought sure as hell for heaven press 18 and for hell press 19 was next. What the hell is left after Carol? WTF happened to real people? I guess no one can afford to pay some slug 8 bucks an hour to answer the phone but you can have press f@#! 17 for Carol. Really press 17 for Carol ... I don't have time for that kind of bull shit do you?

Boy did you hit this nail right on its head. I too am sick and tired of these automated systems. Press this and press that. No wonder my hands are all mangled up with arthritis! By the time you actually get to a human being, if you are able to actually make it to one you want to take the tail pipe in the garage. Sometimes, the system hangs up on you before you get to a human which sends my phone flying across the room along with a barrage of profanity. I say do away with these insane automated systems and put people back to work. Hey, maybe this is the way to solve the sky rocketing unemployment rate! I hope President Obama reads The Right To Gripe!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pennsylvania American Water - Here We Go Again!

I went out to get the mail this past weekend and noticed a letter from The Pennsylvania American Water (PAW). I opened the letter and began to read, "On April 29,2011, Pennsylvania American Water filed a request with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) to increase your water rates as of June 28, 2011. I immediately dropped the letter and proceeded to go "APE". At the top of my lungs I spewed a tirade laced with profanity like none ever uttered by a human being. ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME? Another increase in water rates?

The PAW is requesting an overall increase of $71,000,000 per year. They claim that since the last rate increase which I believe was last year, they will have invested $533,000,000 to improve water quality, service and reliability. WHAT! WHAT! You can't even drink the damn water. It tastes like crap and smells like bleach! What on earth did they spend that much money on? Certainly not the actual water! When you are done taking a shower, your skin drys out and flakes off because of all the chemicals they put into the water. I feel like a FREAKIN' alligator when I get out of the shower. I have the urge to grab onto a gazelle and go into a death roll. I can't believe these greedy clowns want to milk us for more money. Of course, the PUC will rubber stamp this increase like they always do. As far as I am concerned, the PUC is a useless organization like the United Nations. They are spineless lizards who are afraid to send these utilities packing.

So, what does this increase mean to you and me. It means an average increase from $48.45 to $54.87 per month. That's $6.42 more a month out of our pockets. By the way, that's $77.04 a year or 2 to 3 cases of beer. Beer will be needed to kill the pain of all of these increases. I know, I am sick and tired of footing the bill for this stuff. If the PAW is spending all of this money, why can't we drink the water? I'll tell you why, it's because the fat cats are filling their pockets with our money. I say we all need to contact the PUC to tell them enough is enough. How much more money do they need before we can drink the water! To file a formal complaint go to www.puc.state.pa.us. You can also find out about the PUC public input hearings at this web site. You can also send a letter to the PUC at Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, P.O.Box 3265, Harrisburg, Pa 17105-3265. I recommend that you make your voice heard. Maybe if enough people stand up, the gutless bastards at the PUC will take notice and deny these increases. You have The Right To Gripe!

Friday, May 20, 2011

There Is A Stench In The Air

I walked outside early this morning to breath in that cool fresh morning air and instead got hit right in the face with a terrible smell. I checked the garbage, checked for dead animals and could not find the stench that filled the air. I quickly went back inside, opened the newspaper only to find exactly what that foul smell was. It was coming from Mountain Top and it was from the tentative budget that the Crestwood School Board had passed last night. Their budget stunk so bad that the odor of rotten trash floated down into the valley. The stench came from the rotten deal that they are giving their students and of course the taxpayers.

The tentative 2011-2012 Crestwood School District budget seeks a savings of $280,000 by cutting Kindergarten to half days, salary freezes for all school administrators, the elimination of all middle school sports as well as ending all elementary and middle school activities such as band, chorus and foreign language studies. WHAT, ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! If that's not bad enough, the taxpayers of the school district are going to be whacked with an average increase or $112.00 per household over the next two years. This really reeks of the rotten stench of pure garbage. They cut from the kids and whack the parents. It's the old double shafting.

There are a few things that are important to note here. Crestwood ranks in the top 5 in NEPA in the lowest education cost per student. Also, there was no mention what-so-ever of any reduction in teachers salaries or benefits. The average teacher salary in Crestwood is $48,164 per year. This is somewhat skewed because the preschool teachers make an average of just $22,290 per year while the high school teachers yearly average is $58,550. The highest high school teachers salaries are $81,780 per year. These numbers come directly from the web site Teachers Salary Info.
Of course, the Crestwood School Board wouldn't dare cut $1,000 to $2,000 per year off some of these outrageous teacher salaries. God forbid if they touched those.

To sum it up, this just plain stinks. This falls right in line with the Dummying Up Of America. Part of the blame should be thrown the way of our moron governor Tommy "Clueless" Corbett. This is a great example of what is going to happen throughout all of our school districts due to the cut backs in state funding to our public schools. The rest of the blame falls squarely on the Crestwood School Board. It appears that they held back on raising school taxes over the past several years and are now getting whacked in the pocketbook. I feel sorry for all of the students who have had the after school activity rug pulled right out from under them. It's a crime against the taxpayers. This stench will linger for sometime I fear, so get out your gas masks.

UPDATE: The more I think about this the angrier I get. The teachers unions are gang raping the school districts for every cent they can get. They ask for boat loads of money and threaten a strike when they don't get it. They are like toddlers in a candy store throwing a tantrum when they don't get what they want. I say cut those huge salaries down. If they don't like it, send them and their union packing. There are plenty of qualified teachers out there looking for jobs. I am sick and tired of the taxpayers and in this case their children taking it in the pocketbook. As one of our Gripers said, it's time for "We The People" to rise up and band together to tell our politicians that enough is enough. WE ARE AS MAD AS HELL AND WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Griper Weighs In On Noise Polution

One of our faithful Gripers, Karen H. has sent us a very valid Gripe. Here it is....

It's been a while since I've documented a pet-peeve. I think it's time for another. This really chafes my buns. I can't stand when I am in my bedroom relaxing with a book and I am nearly bounced out of my own bed by some douche-nozzle driving down the street polluting my air with his bass pounding. I don't want to hear that crap. TURN IT DOWN, YOU INCONSIDERATE ASS WIPE!!

Karen, you could not be more correct. These douche-nozzles as you call them (I love it) with loud stereos drive me out of my mind! They fail to realize that the crap spewing from their vehicles makes them look like total idiots. Besides them damaging their hearing, no one wants to hear that rap crap floating through the air like an auditory poison. These morons play their so called music so loud that it actually shakes the windows in the houses they pass by. Along with the fecal tones of rap crap polluting the air, how about the roar of motorcycles. These things are almost as loud as a jet taking off when they go down the street. I want to know why or how this is legal? If the muffler went on my car, the local yokel cops would pull me over and give me a citation. Every time a motorcycle goes down my street, I can feel my optic nerves behind my eyeballs rattle. To sum it up, I am sick and tired of this crap, PERIOD. The local police will tell you that there is nothing they can do with this noise unless they can monitor it with an actual decibel meter. We all know that's not going to happen! Back on May 12th of this year, The American Civil Liberties Union applauded a Florida appellate court decision that a law limiting the volume on car radios violates the right to free speech.

Read more: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2011/05/12/Judge-Loud-car-radios-OK-in-Florida/UPI-42871305224598/#ixzz1MowVfT1k

Are you FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! Free speech! Here's some free speech, take that stereo or that motorcycle and shove it where the sun don't shine you inconsiderate bastard. Maybe it's time to get a paint ball gun so I can send a salvo their way. Maybe I will get an air horn to carry around with me so when one of these neanderthals pulls up along side me, I can scare the ever livin' shit out of them like they do me. Yea, I like that idea. Everyone go get an air horn. Let's start a movement! If we get pulled over, we can spew up the free speech thing. It's my right to blow an air horn! I wonder if the ACLU will come to my rescue?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Election Gripe Shots

Election day has come and gone and the vote is is. Yes, I voted yesterday so now I can throw down a few GRIPE SHOTS. I always say, if you don't vote, don't complain about politics. Words to live by in my book. Now that the dust has settled and the party candidates are set, here goes.

If you voted, you were hit in the face with a Mack truck when you saw the actual ballot. There were more candidates on the ballot than fish in the sea. The race for Luzerne County Council actually had two pages of candidates. This was a first in my 34 years of voting. I had to keep toggling back and forth to make sure I could find and then cast my vote for my favorite candidates. When I was done, I left the voting machine wondering if I really cast my ballots correctly. It was somewhat confusing to me, a seasoned voter.

Speaking of confusion, the senior citizens at my polling place were totally baffled. Many of them spent 15 to 20 minutes trying to cast their votes and left the machines in bewilderment. This type of election was way beyond the scope of our elderly. They get confused when 4 or 5 people run for the same office let alone 15 to 20. Many of them probably thought they were counting their pills. My guess would be that many of our seniors actually didn't cast the votes that they wanted to. It was total bedlam at the polls. Even some of the poll workers were confused.

What really surprised my the most about this election was the fact that only 33% of the voting population had cast their ballots at my polling place at 6:00 pm. That is abysmal. With such an important election at hand, you would think more people would come out to vote for the future of our county. I guess the majority of people really don't give a rats ass about their government. If they did, they would have voted. It is somewhat depressing. Of course, these are the people that bitch the loudest when taxes go up. To them I say, "SHUT THE HELL UP"! If you don't vote, don't bitch! Anyway, the workers at my polling place claimed that 33% was a high number and voter turnout was good. WHAT! Voter turnout good! I say that sucks! I just don't understand why more people don't vote.

Several of our faithful Gripers have come up with a few ideas to take the R2G to another level. One of these ideas was to add a video Gripe to the web site. Every week I would toss up my Gripe cookies in a 5 to 10 minute Gripe Session right here for you viewing pleasure. What do you think? Leave me a comment and let me know Personally, I LOVE IT!

Also, if you get a chance, visit the blog No News Is Good News. A former mentor of mine in the radio business, David DeCosmo writes daily about things he encounters in a lighter fashion. It is a great blog so check it out at

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Gripe's Candidates For Luzerne County Judge

I know I am a day late with this, but the Fecal Fee Update just had to be written. Tuesday is election day, and like the race for Luzerne County Council, the field for judge is bigger than a crowd on a bus in India. There are more candidates, some qualified and some not so much running for the six open seats. Some of these seats have been vacated due to criminal convictions of the past judges. Our man Chiavy of course is one of them. When you go to the polls to vote, think about these 6 candidates for Luzerne County Judge.

1. Judge Dread - This guy is a perfect fit for Luzerne County Judge. He is no nonsense, gets to the point and convicts on site. Of course, the sentence is carried out immediately. There is no bull with Judge Dread. I can picture him now presiding over a case, slamming down the gavel and saying, "I didn't break the law, I am the law".

2. Judge Chamberlain Haller - The sometimes confused judge presided over his biggest case in the movie My Cousin Vinny. Total chaos reigned that day in his courtroom especially when he asked, "Did you say Yutes"? He is a perfect fit to take the bench in Chiavy's old juvenile court room.

3. Judge Smails - We all know Judge Smails from the movie Caddyshack. He was the overbearing, demanding member of the exclusive golf club. He always had to have his shoes shined, his clothes pressed and his clubs in hand. His courtroom would be clean and run with an iron fist. He was once heard saying, "I sentenced boys younger than you to the gas chamber. Didn't want to do it. I felt I owed it to them". Maybe we will keep him out of Juvenile court.

4. Judge Judy - This no bones about it Judge will listen to all and any ridiculous cases that come in front of her. It is always good to have a woman's perspective on the bench and this makes her a true fire candidate. Judge Judy is well known for her quips like, "You know how I can tell if a 17-year-old girl is lying? When her mouth moves".

5. The Judge - He really has no name, but he has heard several cases on the show Family Guy. He is often confused and bamboozled by Peter Griffin who has been on trial more than once. The Judge actually resided of Brian the dogs custody case where he gave Brian custody of his puppies, but mandated that he get neutered. OUCH!

6. Judge Harry Stone - What we need here in Luzerne County is a Night Court and Judge Harry Stone is our man. Why try cases only during the day. Lets free up some docket space and move the trials to the night time. The free wheeling unorthodox judge takes nothing serious which is perfect for Luzerne County. The trials would take about 10 minutes each therefore unclogging the court system. By the way, who said a judge can't wear sneakers!

There you have it, the Gripes 6 candidates for Luzerne County Judge. As you all know, we poke fun at the candidates and positions up for election, but when it comes to voting, its a serious matter. Take time to vote on Tuesday and choose wisely. It is time to replace the nitwits that sank this county into the bowels of humiliation. Now is the time to make the changes that "We The People" want to make. Don't be a slug and sit home and bitch if you don't go out to vote. This is the way we can make some changes. If not, we will have to storm the courthouse and take over ourselves!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

(UPDATE) Fecal Fee - Dumped On Again

Back on May 9th I Griped about the Sewer Rental Fee now instituted by the Borough of Forty Fort. Well guess what? I woke up this morning to a laundry room full of shit water! That's right, my FREAKIN" sewer backed up! Evidently I have rented a piece of shit sewer line and I am pissed. As I sit here to contemplate my plan of action, I realize that I, yes I must call a plumber to come and check it out before the Borough even gets involved. Of course this would normally cost me about $200 to $400 for them to come out on a Saturday and roto root out the line. It will only cost me $50 because I actually have the insurance for this kind of thing. Yes, there is insurance for this type of problem! Just so you know, I pay about $4.00 per month or $48.00 per year to have insurance on a sewer line that is not actually mine. I RENT THE FREAKIN THING!

This type of bullshit really pisses me off. I am paying a sewer rental fee and I have to pay to get the sewer bored out! Now, there is another twist to this plot. Forty Fort is a Tree U.S.A. Community which means we have tons of trees on our tree lawns. During dry and or cold spells, the roots of these trees seek a warmer moist area which results in them penetrating into your sewer line. The roots then spread out inside the line and block the sewer. So, when you put this all together, its means me, the taxpayer gets the "shitty end of the stick". I pay for the rental of the sewer. I pay a sewer fee to the Sanitary Authority. I pay for the water to flush the toilet. I pay for the insurance in case the line gets blocked and I cannot cut down the tree on my tree lawn because you have to get a Papal blessing from the insane Tree Lady to do so. Of course, I have to cut and maintain the Freakin' tree lawn. Something does not add up here! One plus one equals a crap load of money flying out of my pocket. I am sick and tired of swimming in fecal matter while taking it in the back pocket.

Coming up tomorrow, my candidates for Luzerne County Judge.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Those Scumbag Pakistani's

I am beside myself! I am ripe with rage! I am about to blow my stack and here's why! A story just broke from ABC News that the country of Pakistan refuses to give us back the parts from the stealth helicopter that crashed during the bin Laden raid. In fact, they are debating on selling the parts to the Chinese who are very eager to get their grubby little hands on them. You might be inclined to think that this is no big deal. However, the key word in the entire first sentence of this Gripe is "stealth". It is unclear right now to whether the Chinese actually have stealth technology even though back in January they rolled out their new J-20 Stealth Fighter. The big question is not whether they have it but how "stealthy" is it? We don't quite know. Selling our stealth helicopter parts would certainly give up some of our secrets.

Now that you have the background, I say once again F*#K you to those towel wearing rag heads in Pakistan. You dumb bastards didn't even know that one of the biggest killers in human history had been living 40 miles from your capitol for 5 freakin' years. To me, selling the Chinese these parts is deserved of a carpet bombing. I would give those silly sons of bitches 24 hours to turn them over or hell fire would come to Pakistan. Just 2 days ago, Pakistan's Ambassador to the US, Husain Haqqani was on The Situation Room with the Wolfman, Wolf Blitzer and commenting on how the U.S. should be more understanding of his country and how they wanted to remain friendly. ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME! This is Pearl Harbor like. Back in 1941 when the Jap's bombed Pearl, their Ambassador to the U.S., KichisaburĊ Nomura was sitting right in Washington with a declaration of war in his brief case meeting with our Secretary of State.

Now that I am really ticked off, let me really tell you what I think. I think the Pakistanis are a bunch of filthy slime balls. They can't be trusted, PERIOD. What they should do is throw out the offer for us to go and retrieve the parts. Now that would be a goodwill gesture. Of course, why would those stupid, jack ass bastards do that. They will put the parts out on the market to the highest bidder. I say if they sell these stealth helicopter parts to China or anyone else for that matter, we need to send a harsh message to their leadership in the form of a few Predator Drones. We also need to shut off the money spigot to these sand monkeys immediately. In case you don't know, the U.S. sent $175,000,000 in aid to Pakistan last year alone and congress recently passed an aid package of $7.5 Billion dollars. WHAT! Yep, $7.5 Billion to people who hate our guts! These ungrateful bastards forgot how we sent them millions of dollars to help out when they had massive floods back in the 1970's. We paid to help build a state of the art dam that kept these ungrateful bastards alive. Here's an idea, drop a few bombs on that dam and tell them we made a mistake building it! This kind of crap just really pisses me off!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Election day is right around the corner and this year we will be voting for the 11 members of the Luzerne County Council. This Council was instituted to replace the 3 Commissioner system that the voters of Luzerne County voted out last year. If you are not aware, there are a slew of people who have thrown their hats into the ring for one of these 11 positions. The field for these 11 spots is bigger than the field for the Kentucky Derby. I am not going to list any of them here because I have come up with my personal 11 County Council members plus the County Manager who will oversee this mess. So without further adieu, here are the 11 people who really belong on the Luzerne County Council.

11. Homer Simpson - This poor bastard is such a block head that he would fit right in. Homer does everything wrong, but in the end everything is always good.

10. Lou Costello - When confronted in a Luzerne County Council meeting he can always ask, "Who's on first" which will totally confuse everyone. With this one line he can make all well.

9. The Wizard Tim - If you love the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail you must love the Wizard Tim. He is a wizard of great power and wisdom....NOT! He guides King Arthur and his Knights to the cave of death where the hideous monster resides. Wizard Tim can help to guide the Council as they approach the Budget Of Death.

8. Curly Howard - Can you imagine all hell breaking loose at a Luzerne County Council meeting and Curly jumps up, throws himself on the floor and spins around in true Curly fashion. I can. Again, this would deflect the audience from the true issues.

7. Peter Griffin - Like Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin is one of the poor bastards that always comes through in the end. He has poor judgement, never follows through and has no regard for anyone but himself. He is PERFECT!

6. Bubbles - No Bubbles is not a stripper. Bubbles is the down syndrome character in the Canadian Comedy Trailer Park Boys. His friends, who are not challenged in any way except with stupidity are always concocting crazy plans to make cash. Of course, Bubbles is the only level headed one of the group. It reminds me of Luzerne County Government. They never listen to Bubbles and of course often find themselves in trouble.

5. Lewis Black - He is the perfect fit for our new Council. He can often go into one of his vulgarity laced tirades when things don't make sense. I would think that this would be at just about every meeting. If you have not watched Lewis Black, do so NOW!

4. Quagmire - Every Council needs a letch and that's our man Quagmire. Quagmire can sway the ladies of the audience to quickly go against anything the Council proposes. However, he will get them in bed.

3. Donald Trump - A County Council would be nothing without the Donald. He would be there just to make sure everyone has a birth certificate. Plus, he can bankrupt the county even more and then bring it back to life.

2. Boomhauer - This mental midget from King Of The Hill is perfect for the Council. He talks in a way which no one knows what he is saying except a select few. He is perfect. He can talk and no one will know what the hell he is saying.

1. Pat Paulson - For those of you familiar with Pat Paulsen, you're apt to remember his unsuccessful bid for the Presidency in 1968, 1972, 1980, 1988, 1992, and 1996! Yes, Pat Paulsen tried repeatedly as a member of the STAG Party -- Self Talking American Government Party -- for the opportunity to represent this country. Paulson allegedly died 1997. He is perfect for the job. We can vote in a dead man like they did with Sheriff Jagodinski.

County Manager - There is only one person for this job and it is Moe Howard. Moe can certainly keep the 2 other Stooges in line so why not the 11 on the Council. Somebody gets out of line they get a whack to the kisser. They speak out of turn and it's the eye gouge. The perfect man to be in charge.

There you have it. My 11 County Council winners and their leader, The County Manager. Now on a serious not, make sure you go out and vote. The welfare of our wallets and pocketbooks depends on your vote.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Fecal Fee - Dumped On Again!

I opened my mail this past weekend and found an envelope that I had never seen before. In the back of my mind I thought, maybe this is some sort of check. HA! No such luck. I opened the envelope to find my new Sewage Rental Fee of $31.25 from the Borough of Forty Fort. WHAT! I now have to pay rent to use the sewer! By the way, nice cover up name. When and where will this end? Last year I paid $55.00 for my Recycling/Sewer Fee so I quickly dug through my paid bill receipts and confirmed what I had already known. I then dug through some more to find that I had paid $55.00 this year for my "Recycling Fee". Of course this was minus the word "sewer". I stepped back, cleared the room and blew my stack! My combo recycling and sewer "FEES" just went from $55.00 to $81.25! What a bunch of crap!

Just think, I have to pay a Water Bill, Sanitary Authority Bill and now a Sewage Rental Fee just to take a dump! This Sewer Rental Fee reeks of feces just like the Luzerne County Levy Tax. What if I don't want to rent the sewer? I'll tell you what. Right on the bill it states that if you don't pay this "FEE", they will shut off your water. WHAT! ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! The water has nothing to do with it! How can they shut off my water if I pay my water bill? This is preposterous! How can this be? I am dumbfounded by this whole thing. I have lived in Forty Fort for 17 years, sat on its Council for 4 years and all I have seen is the town "whacking" its residents for more money. They keep coming up with more fees to hit their residents with and I am sick and tired of bucking up my hard earned money to government! Enough is enough! I am just about ready to wash with rain water, use candles for light and build an outhouse in the backyard so I can take a dump.

Coming up this Thursday on the R2G, my 11 candidates for Luzerne County Council.

Friday, May 6, 2011

More Bleeding Hearts Check In - Pictures From bin Laden Compound

When you think of spineless jellyfish, what comes to mind? If you said the United Nations you are correct. This good for nothing group of rhetoric puking cowards came forward yesterday and released a statement that said the United States needs to come forward and give them more information on the killing of Osama bin Laden. Reuters reported on Tuesday that U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay urged the United States to give the United Nations full details about Bin Laden's killing. "The United Nations has consistently emphasized that all counter-terrorism acts must respect international law," she said. To her and the United Nations I say, pack up your shit and get out of our country. The U.N. has been a useless group of world representatives that do nothing but talk. They can't stand up for what is right because they have no spine. If I were President Obama I would tell them that they will get what I give them or get the hell out.

Speaking of spineless jellyfish, several of the European countries have weighed in with their usual bleeding heart statements. In Brussels, European Union Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom wrote in a blog: "It would have been preferred to see Osama bin Laden before a court." I think it would be preferred to see Bin Laden filled with hot lead. In Italy, former prime minister Massimo D'Alema, from the center-left opposition, said: "You don't rejoice at the death of a man. Maybe if bin Laden had been captured and put on trial it would have been an even more significant victory." I disagree you piece of crap. Over 3000 Italian citizens didn't die a horrible death on 9/11. So go F^#k yourself! The entire United States of America should rejoice. I know I am.

"It was quite clearly a violation of international law," former West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt told German TV. "The operation could also have incalculable consequences in the Arab world in light of all the unrest." ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME. Purple Helmut Schmidt should go back to eating brats and shut them hell up! As for the incalcuable consequences in the Arab world, I think a few more of these missions against Al Qaeda generals will make all these American haters think, "Crap, we better not do anything stupid because they will hunt us down like the filthy dogs that we are". I say MESSAGE SENT! Who the hell cares what he thinks. Yea Helmut, yours is really that small!

In general, it seems the international community is not happy with us taking down one of the biggest mass murders in history. I say the U.S. should start looking real hard at all of that aid money that we send to all of these ungrateful bastards. If they are not on board, the pipeline of money stops. Once that happened you would see how quickly they would get on board. The Europeans forget we bailed their sorry asses out in both world wars. How quickly they forget.

As I did my research for this Gripe, I came across these pictures of the Bin Laden compound along with some of the dead bodies of his henchman.


Floor and carpet soaked in blood

Blood on the floor of Bin Ladens bedroom

One of Bin Ladens henchman takes hot lead

Kill shot from US Navy Seals

Allegedly Osama Bin Ladens son

More On B

Thursday, May 5, 2011

You Make Me Sick You Bleeding Heart Simpo's!

I am outraged! I am angry! I am mad! I am beside myself! I am filled with an uncontrollable rage! Some of you may say, what else is new? No, this is the most rage I have felt in a long, long time. Things around us everyday piss me off, but what I am about to Gripe is over the top! If you are not filled with rage after you read this then you are dead from the neck up. As you all know, Osama Bin Laden was killed by our Navy Seals this past Sunday during a raid on his million dollar compound in the cesspool they call Pakistan. Only a few days later, reports are coming in that this scumbag Bin Laden may not have been armed when our guys put some hot lead right between his beady little eyes. With this being a possibility, now the bleeding heart simpo's are coming forward and crying that we shot an unarmed man. ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! To these people I say, Go F*#K Yourself! The 3000 plus people that died in the world trade center were unarmed and had no chance. The people that died on Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pa had no weapons to protect themselves and all of the innocent people that died in the Pentagon were unarmed and could not protect themselves.

Even sports celebrities are weighing in with their insane bleeding heart opinions. Pittsburgh Steeler Running Back Rashard Mendenhall tweeted,

"What kind of person celebrates death?" the Pittsburgh Steelers running back tweeted. "It's amazing how people can HATE a man they have never even heard speak. We've only heard one side..." He also expressed his opinions on whether the planes that hit the World Trade Center on September 11 caused them to collapse.

I'll tell you what kind of people celebrated that towel headed murderer's death, yours truly that's who! His comment that we have only heard one side makes me want to slap this moron in a crate and mail him to Afghanistan. Rashard, isn't that a Muslim name, also thinks that structural defects caused the World Trade Center towers to collapse, not the thousands of gallons of ignited jet fuel. It is a known fact that the impact and explosion from the jets blew off the protective fire coating on the steel which allowed the heat which was generated from the burning jet fuel to weaken the structure to collapse. I think the professors at Illinois where Mendenhall allegedly got his degree should reevaluate their curriculum because this guy is an idiot! To you Rashard I say, "SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE"!

Speaking of idiots, I made the mistake of turning on Rush Limbaugh this afternoon for about 3 minutes. Those 3 minutes sent me into a bigger rage than I was already experiencing. Limbaugh, the fat toad that he is, did nothing but bash President Obama for the mixed information that has been trickling out of the White House. Rush claims that the President should come forward and say that the mission to get Bin Laden was nothing more than an assassination mission and that they could have taken this killer alive. I give President Obama a two thumbs up for giving the OK for the kill shot. So what if it was an assassination mission. The deader the better for that murdering sand flea. Limbaugh is such a conservative republican that it makes me sick. I almost puked in the car after 38 seconds of this babbling baboon. Limbaugh claims that the Obama administration should not take the credit for this and the military and CIA should. I think I remember one of Limbaugh's gods from Olympus, Ronald "Bonzo" Reagan and his administration took credit for the fall of the Berlin Wall and the release of the Iranian hostages. Bonzo had nothing to do with either. Iran let the hostages go as soon as Bonzo took office because they wanted to stick it to Jimmy Carter. As for the Berlin Wall, the people had enough of being under the thumb of communism and revolted. Bonzo had very little to do with either event even though HIS administration took credit for them.

In a nut shell, the top of my head is ready to blow off from all of these whining, bleeding heart, I feel sorry for Simpo's! To them I say, CRAWL BACK INTO YOUR HOLE AND SHUT THE HELL UP! I am sick and tired of hearing about things like this in the news. It is a glorious time for Americans and HELL YEA we should celebrate the death of that coward Osama Bin Laden. HELL YEA! Now lets go round up the rest of these pigs and pour hot lead right between their eyes.

Monday, May 2, 2011

SPECIAL EDITION - We Finally Got That Bastard

Last night my phone rang at about 10pm and it was one of my R2G operatives who said, "Turn on CNN the President is going to make a big announcement. Now, I was in the middle of watching a movie and of course was skeptical. I shouldn't have been because my operatives are always right when they give me information. I got to CNN and Wolfman Blitzer was on with that wild look on his face claiming the President would be on in about 30 minutes with a big announcement. Only 2 times in modern day history had a President made an announcement after 10pm EST. I knew this had to be big. Well, by now we all know it was huge! It was the biggest announcement in 10 years. Osama Bin Laden was dead! Finally we got that bastard!

Now you may want to know, what type of Gripe can I throw down on this one? This is the best news this country has heard since Bonzo Reagan took all the credit for the release of the hostages in Iran. This news is the ointment that will heal our wounds from the 911 massacre which was orchestrated by this mass murdering scum sucking son of a bitchin bastard. Well, I actually have only 2 small Gripes and here they are.

1. To the country of Pakistan I say FUCK YOU! No one can tell me that these Pakistani mud puppies didn't know that Bin Laden was holding up in a million dollar fortified compound right outside of their capitol city of Islamabad. I say they knew and they boned us hard. How could they not know? if I was in charge it would be hell on earth. It would be laying down carpet. Carpet bombing that is! It drives me into an outrage when I hear that countries are harboring mas murders like Bin Laden and they don't pay any price for it. I am sick and tired of these foreign countries turning a blind eye to these filthy rotten murderous bastards. Let's start making them accountable with a few Tomahawk missiles.

2. After Bin Laden's body was identified as the genuine article, our country took pain staking efforts to give him a proper Muslim burial. No country would take the carcass of this sand rat so they took him aboard a ship and gave him a burial at sea. WHAT! WHAT! ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! This bastard murdered thousands of people in multiple countries without giving THEM a proper burial. Many of the people that died on 911 did not have a chance at a proper burial thanks to Bin Laden and his henchman. We should have strung this no good murderer up in the middle of Times Square and pelted him with shoes. In case you don't know, one of the biggest humiliations in the Muslim world is to be hit with shoes. Yea, they are all screwed up! After we got all our frustrations out on his rotting corpse, we then should have ground him up and made fertilizer out of him to spread on any grass that may be planted by Ground Zero. I know what many of you are going to say, "Don't give the Taliban or Al Qaeda any ammunition for recruitment. Yea, my methods would certainly do that but how sweet it would be. This guy deserved to be drawn and quartered in public.

Well, that's my 2 Gripes on this topic. It is a great day in America. Fly your flags high and be proud to be an American. Lady Liberty is standing a little bit taller today because we finally got that no good bastard! Land of the free and the home of the brave. Let's never forget what these cowards are capable of doing. Keep your eyes open and be vigilant. My guess is that more innocent people may die at the hands of these gutless monkey shit bastards!