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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Levee Passes Inspection With C- Grade

I feel much safer now, the levee which keeps the raging waters of the Susquehanna River at bay has been deemed safe by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Our levee received a minimally acceptable rating even though there were several deficiencies identified by the inspectors. The problems included poor sod cover, bad encroachments and rutting which they claim is caused by ATV and dirt bike riders. I think you all know where this is going! After reading about this barley passing grade in the local newspaper I immediately went to open my mail and guess what the postman delivered? Yep, my flood levee fee! This immediately sent me into a tirade! We citizens of Wyoming Valley are paying a levee fee and our levee is minimally acceptable? ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! What the hell are they doing with our money? Our levee should receive an A+ every 5 years when it is inspected. Those sons of bitches in the courthouse are fleecing us out of our money! I would love to know exactly how much the nitwits on River Street have actually spent on the upkeep of the dyke system. By the looks of things not too much! I want to tell you that this really pisses me off! They whack us with a bogus levee fee and then we basically get a C- grade. This is a bunch of bull shit! I say we all boycott paying this fee NOW! Enough is enough! As for the ATV and dirt bike riders, way to go you morons! Keep riding those bikes on the dyke. If the levee breaks, we are all coming to look for you.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Griper Is Pissed!

Our Gripers are checking in every day, many of them with their own Gripes. Here is a great Gripe from Karen H. concerning the Riccardi murder trial.

I’m PISSED. I am griping about this Elvis Riccardi capital murder trial. I have been closely following this story as Donnie Skiff, the victim, graduated from my alma mater, just a few years ahead of me.

It hasn’t been proven that this Riccardi character killed Donnie, but according to the testimony, this joker participated in torturing him by stomping on his adam’s apple and kicking him in the face while his (Donnie’s) hands were tied behind his back with his own shoelaces. How one can do that to another living, breathing human is absolutely unimaginable. To make matters worse, he then took pictures of Donnie's battered, broken, swollen, bruised face with his cell phone. WHAT?!?! Why in the hell would you do that??

What really sent me over the edge was reading that he had the audacity to ask the victim’s grieving father for forgiveness. That's outrageously selfish!! You commit this heinous crime and then request forgiveness???? It’s a damn good thing I am not in that courtroom because I swear to God I would take justice into my own hands. An eye for an eye! He doesn’t deserve forgiveness. He doesn’t even deserve a life sentence caged in jail like the animal he is. I hope the jury gives this criminal the death penalty. The sad thing about the death penalty is the condemned person's life is terminated with his loved ones present and watching from the gallery. Donnie Skiff suffered a violent death...alone...and for a lousy $300.00. Rest in Peace, Donnie.


Karen, unfortunately, the justice system in the state of Pennsylvania is filled with a bunch of yellow bellied, gutless lizards. Very few murders actually get the death penalty and the ones that do like George Banks (don't get me going on him) sit in prison getting 3 squares and a warm place to bunk up and never meet the hangman. There are currently 233 prisoners on death row in Pennsylvania. The last one to actually be executed was Gary Heidnik in 1999. Only 3 prisoners have been executed since Pennsylvania reinstated the death penalty in 1978. WHY? Let me tell you why. These filthy bastards are allowed multiple appeals under Penna. state law. It takes an average of 12.7 years to actually go through the entire appeals process. Along with these appeals, many times anti-death penalty groups file petitions against the executions which ties these cases up in courts for the life of the murdering slob. Justice at its best? I say NOT! I say they get one appeal, if found guilty they are taken directly to the executioner. GAME OVER! Quit wasting our taxpayer dollars on these idiots! Of course, our governments are experts at wasting our tax dollars.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Amusing Local Notes-Meth, Bath Salts and The Intercomodal

Over the past few days while looking through the newspaper and on line, I found myself chuckling under my breath about some of the idiots that live here in the Northeast Pennsylvania. I am never surprised by what I read in the news when it comes to the slack jawed coalbillies that live around us. Here area a few local news tidbits that caught my eye.

In Friday's Times Leader I read about the Meth bust on Blackman St in Wilkes-Barre. No surprise right? These drug peddling pigs should be strung up by their genitiles right in the middle of public square. What I found so amusing about this story was the fact that 48 year old, self employed mason Glen Kocher was the mastermind behind the meth operation. I guess the brick laying business was not so good. Here is where it gets better. Also arrested was his wife, Donna and his GIRLFRIEND Amanda Adamski. WHAT! Are you FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! His wife AND his girlfriend! What in the hell was going on here? Look at this guy! A NASCAR shirt and army fatigues. The husband, the wife, the girlfriend and many viles of Meth!

While we are on the subject of drugs, our idiot Governor Tom "slash and burn" Corbett finally signed a law into effect that bans the possession, use and sale of synthetic drugs, AKA Bath salts. In case you have had your head up your ass, these synthetic drugs have been sold over the counter in stores throughout the area. The "Salts" when taken drive people to go Ape Shit. It was reported a while ago that a couple on Bath Salts were tearing out the walls of their home because they thought people were living in them. The signing of this law is a good thing. The only question I have is, "What the hell took him so long"? This crap has been in the news for months and months and just now he is signing the law into play.

There seems to be lots of confusion surrounding the old Hotel Sterling and the City Of Wilkes-Barre. Are you surprised? Wilkes-Barre city claims the state Department of Community and Economic Development approved the transfer of $3 million earmarked for the Sterling Hotel project to the Intercomodal Transportation Center in 2009 because “CityVest failed to meet conditions of the grant agreement". The Times Leader reported that, According to Drew McLaughlin, administrative coordinator for Mayor Tom Leighton, the city made the request to DCED in November 2009 to redirect the $3 million, and the state agency approved it. The $3 million was allocated through the state’s Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program, which is administered by the state Office of the Budget. “CityVest did not meet the special conditions of the grant agreement, and the state was not going to give CityVest the $3 million,” McLaughlin said. “The city was going to lose the money entirely.” To avoid losing the funding, McLaughlin said, the city requested it be redirected to the Intermodal project, which through the years had grown from a project of $12 million to one totaling $27 million. McLaughlin said the state agreed to the transfer of the funding to help pay for “unforeseen site conditions, scope changes, and anticipated construction cost increases due to initial delays which were out of the city’s control.” He said examples of the unforeseen site conditions included excavation work and utility line repairs or relocation that were necessary. “Scope changes would include additional concrete that was installed in the bus terminal area and a temporary road that was added to the project for Provincial Tower residents to have a route to their garage outside of the construction zone,” McLaughlin said. All I have to say here is here we go again, the City Of Wilkes-Barre playing with money. I took a little trip over to the Intercomdal Center and let me tell you, its nothing to look at. I can't figure out what the hell cost $27 million to build. Its a shithole! It's nothing but a bunch of bus and cab stalls, the Martz terminal, Franks News and a bunch of low life, scum bag losers hanging around. I think somebody lined their pockets with some of this money?

There are 3 quick observations that I have made from the local news this past week. You can bet that the blunt skulled neanderthals of the Valley will keep us amused for a long time.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tour - De - Jackass

One of our Gripers, Robert W. has checked in with a great Gripe. Remember, if you are fed up and just can't take it anymore, don't take it out on the dog, GRIPE IT! Send your Gripe over to rkramden59@epix.net and I will post it up. Here is Robert W.'s Gripe.....

Today i have to get this off my chest, because i just cant take much more of it. I wonder if anyone took notice to the "professional" bikers taking to the streets like they own them. Now as most of you know I'm all for trying to stay in shape, however when I'm driving down the street and Lance Armstrong and his buddies think they own the road it lights a fuse in my ass. I have to do everything in my power to stop myself from turning my vehicle into the entire pack! I am sick and tired of everyone wanting the right of way on the road. What about the vehicle itself! Hell if I hit one of these Tour de jackass riders I'm the one who ends up getting screwed! I've just about had it! I'm ready to blow a gasket! Everyone wants, wants, wants.... wtf !

What ever happened to common courtesy ? What ever happened to this place? Guess it's true that most people in this world only care about themselves,and that my friends in the end is what really pisses me off. I love people, I like to talk and learn about people. Everyone has a story just remember that! Maybe that's what is keeping me from driving over Lance and his pals.

You are so correct. I was eating breakfast in the Whitehouse Diner in Forty Fort Saturday morning and a pack of Lance Armstrong wannabees came in to eat. By the way, if you want a good breakfast, go over to the Whitehouse Diner on Welles St in Forty Fort. I had to throw in the plug! Anyway, these Tour-De-Jackass guys had the fixings, team shirts, spandex shorts and the special biking shoes. They also had guts hanging out of those spandex shorts. I laughed to myself when I saw these clowns. I too would not deny anyone the right to be in shape, however these bikers need to get the hell out of the way before I run them over.

Monday, June 20, 2011

SWB Yankees - Ghost Town USA

I had the opportunity to attend two SWB Yankee games this past week and was originally stupefied as to why more people in NEPA do not attend these games. Hell, this is the Triple A affiliate of the New York Yankees! Well, after contemplating this issue I came up with several good reasons why our area is not turning out for these games.

1. The Food And Drinks Are Too Expensive: When I got to the game on Sunday, I ordered a bottle of Corona and a bottle of water. Guess how much that was? It cost me $9.25! Yep, $9.25! I felt like I was in Yankee Stadium. I am not much of a Bud drinker so I thought I would get a Corona. The beer was $6.25 and the bottle of water was $3.00. Talk about price gouging. Later in the game, my wife and I went to get something to eat and BAM, clubbed over the head again. Two regular hot dogs, a jumbo dog platter (included about 12 french fries), a Yengling Lager and a medium diet coke were $20.85. This is outrageous! By the time the game was over, I had dropped a C note!

2. Lazy Ushers: In general, the ushers at the Little Yankee games are lazy pieces of shit! I just can't sum it up any other way. My wife and I headed to our seats on Sunday only to find people already sitting in them. This really pisses me off. I was a season ticket holder for several years and finally gave them up for a few reasons. One of them was people always in my seats when I got to the game. These lazy sacks of cat crap don't give a rats ass about the fans sitting in their respective sections. When it rains, you will not see too many of them with rags or shammy's wiping the seats off either. When it rains they all run for cover. All these people are out for is to watch a baseball game and get paid to do it!

3. Player Rehab: The SWB Yankees are the next step up to the big leagues but you rarely see a big player from the parent club rehab here. Most of the Yankee superstars spend time in the sun and fun of Tampa mending their injuries. The big Yanks often send these guys to Trenton or Staten Island for a quick rehab game and then its on to the Bronx. I think its criminal that our Yankees are an after thought when it comes to rehabbing players. When Roger Clemens and Jason Giambi played here, the stands were overflowing with fans. Everyone will tell you that I am a huge Yankees fan, however SHAME ON THE YANKEES for what they are doing here.
4. Giveaways: Finally, the SWB Yankees have little to no giveaway's for their fans. When the Red Barons were here, they had several giveaway nights where their fans got bats, balls, caps, bobble-heads, etc.. The Yankees have only 4 on the promotion schedule for this year. Ball day, sports bottle night, cap day and back pack day. Whatever happened to bat day? I remember going up when the Barons gave out the bobble-heads and it was like a mob scene. People were lined up out into the parking lot. Now, I will give them a little bit of credit, they have fireworks every Friday after home games. Whoop-De-Freakin-Do! When you compare the SWB Yankees giveaway nights to the other Yankees minor league clubs you will want to puke! The Trenton Thunder has 9 giveaway nights, the Tampa Yankees have 8 and the Staten Island Yanks have 5. All three of these teams include bobble-heads as one of their giveaways. Why has the "Evil Empire" forsaken us? By the way, all the clubs have fireworks after games on the weekends. We are getting shafted big time!

There it is, the reasons why the populace of NEPA does not go to see the SWB Yankees. The big wigs in the palatial offices in the Bronx need to take a hard look at minor league baseball here and start to throw a few bones our way. If not, I am certain that minor league baseball is doomed here! Hell, the Phillies got the hell out of Dodge or should I say Moosic. I think the Yankees are next.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Griper Goes "APE"!

One of our faithful Gripers, Karen H. went berserk yesterday and emailed over this Gripe. She went "APE" when she read this story in the Scranton produced rag, The Citizens' Voice.

A Wilkes-Barre man arrested for possessing dozens of child pornography videos told investigators he spends up to 18 hours a day on the computer and is "addicted to pornography," police said. Brian D. Suhamski, 33, initially told investigators he downloaded the explicit material by accident, but went on to tell them he viewed and liked the child pornography when asked, according to arrest papers. "Kinda sorta, yes. I'm addicted to pornography," Suhamski said.
Authorities charged Suhamski with 56 counts of possession of child pornography and a single count of criminal use of a computer. Suhamski was arraigned Tuesday and jailed in the Luzerne County Correctional Facility. According to arrest papers filed in Wilkes-Barre Central Court: Police said a sex crimes task force investigator discovered someone sharing child pornography over the Internet around 8:35 a.m. on Aug. 10, 2010 and a lengthy investigation determined it was Suhamski. Late last year, police served a search warrant at Suhamski's home at 42 Jones St. in Wilkes-Barre, where he lives with his stepfather and stepbrother. Police said a forensic examination of Suhamski's computer and external hard drive determined he possessed more than 50 videos and six still images of child pornography. During questioning, Suhamski initially said he downloaded lots of graphic video files without checking their names and accidentally downloaded child pornography. After viewing the "disturbing files," he would delete them, he said. Suhamski told police he spends up to 18 hours a day on the computer, often downloading adult pornography for sexual gratification. During further questioning, Suhamski admitted the last time he viewed child pornography was the day earlier. When asked if he gets pleasure out of child pornography, he told investigators, "Kinda sorta, yes. I'm addicted to pornography."

Here is Karen H.'s response to the story.

"I cannot sufficiently express to you via email how absolutely INFURIATED this makes me. I emailed Lisa to get your email address because I want to gripe while I am still hot under the collar. This cannot wait until I get home. This ignorant, gross, vile, repulsive, disgusting, reprehensible, repugnant excuse for a human being is sucking up oxygen I have no desire to share with this scum bucket. He was charged with fifty-six counts of possession of child pornography. FIFTY –SIX!! One is enough to make me sick to my stomach. Fifty-six is beyond comprehension. The article states he spends up to 18 hours a day on the computer downloading pornography for sexual gratification. What terrible time management skills! It’s a shame he can’t take an hour out of his busy wanking schedule to attend to some personal grooming and hygiene. His time would best be spent looking for a job and becoming a productive member of society. Just when I thought it wasn’t possible to be any more disgusted by this, I discovered he resides on a street in which an elementary school is located. This whole thing makes me sick. I hope they castrate this sicko, lock him up, and lose the key."

Karen, you couldn't have summed it up any better! Your descriptive adjectives are inspiring to us all!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Slaming Down A Couple Of Gripe Shots

Let me say that I am just plain pissed off on several fronts. Between politics, sports and just all of the crap that surrounds us, I think I may lose it shortly. I have not tossed up a Gripe in about a week and a half and now the rage is all bottled up inside and ready to be unleashed. Since I have several complaints (what else is new), I thought it would be appropriate to pour a few Gripe Shots. Pull up a stool and down some Gripe Shots with me.

1. The Pennsylvania Turnpike: The Gripe took to the highways last weekend, which meant I had to use the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Let me tell you something, that road is a disaster. Between the pot holes and the rhythmic bumps every 1/4 of a mile I though my prostate was going to explode. This road is a disgrace! It was so bad that the Coke Zero that I was drinking lost its carbonation after about an hour of driving on this all terrain highway. This is no lie. What the hell are they doing with all the toll money that they collect? They are not putting it back into the roads. My guess it is going into someones pocket.

2. The F.O.P.: All of you are going to love this one. The Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board has dismissed an unfair-labor charge by Scranton's police union against Chief Dan Duffy over an arrest he made while off duty. The Fraternal Order of Police E.B. Jermyn Lodge No. 2 filed the complaint in April, charging that Chief Duffy violated the department's collective bargaining agreement and state labor law when he arrested a man on drug charges in March while he was off the clock. WHAT! WHAT! ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME? The F.O.P. is a joke! This guy is a Freakin' police officer. What do they want him to do, stand by and let the crime happen? This shit drives me crazy. The top of my skull almost blew off when I read this one!

3. ESPN Radio Sucks: While I am in the car, I usually listen to ESPN Radio rather than the repetitive music that our local radio stations play. However, I am now banning ESPN Radio from my dial because all these morons talk about is the NBA. All I have to say is who the hell cares about the NBA? If you care, let me know because I don't know anyone who does. The NBA season ended almost two weeks ago and all they are talking about is the NBA! WHAT! The NHL Stanley Cup Finals went down to game 7 last night and ESPN Radio failed to give it more than about 10 minutes. When I hear the voice of Doug Gottleib I want to throw up because I know he is going to bore me to death with the NBA. WHO GIVES A RATS ASS ABOUT THE NBA?

4. Canadians Go Wild: Speaking of the Stanley Cup Finals, the home fans of the Vancouver Canucks showed their true Canadian colors when they booed the presentation of Lord Stanley's Cup. The Canucks were thrashed in Vancouver by the Boston Bruins which set off a fire storm of anger and destruction. In my 40 years of watching the NHL, this is the first time I have heard fans boo the presentation of the Cup. Also after the game, the drunkin' Canuckers flowed out into the streets and lit cars and garbage cans on fire, broke windows and showered big screen TV's with beer bottles. To you Canadians I say, "Go F*#K yourselves you yellow bellied, half witted, tree hugging bastards". You screwed up the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics and now you lost the Stanley Cup. What else is new? You will always come in second to the USA!

Well, that's it for now. If I Gripe anymore I may implode. Remember, if you have a Gripe and you want to get it off your chest, this is the place to be. Send it over to me and I will put it up. As I always say, "When in doubt, GRIPE IT"!

Friday, June 10, 2011

2012 Presidential Primary

The 2012 Presidential Primary is just 17 months away and let me say, we are in deep shit once again. Our choices are the current President, Barack Obama or a grocery list of other nimrods who think they can fix the woes of the country. Below is a list of the "real" candidates. These are the ones who actually have a chance of winning the election.

On the Democratic side is incumbent President Barack Obama. As we all know, Obama was left with a mess courtesy of George W. Bush and his incompetent administration. I can go through the litany of his failures, however I will not. It would take way too long. Since entering office, President Obama has accomplished a laundry list of initiatives which have gone somewhat unnoticed. If you want to see what he has actually accomplished, you can go to the web site below. It will astonish you! I know it did me!


Of course, Obama's one major accomplishment was the hunting down and killing of that scum bag mass murder of innocent people Osama Bin Laden. The Democrats have the incumbent, so President Obama will be the only candidate running for that party.

Now, it's on to the Republicans. The senior party has a long list of candidates and potential candidates as of right now. Below their names you will find their Pros and Cons courtesy of ABC News followed by the R2G Pros and Cons.

Mit Romney
The Former Governor of Massachusetts.

ABC PROS: Strong name identification. Experienced campaign team with proven fundraising ability. Success as a businessman.

R2G Pros: Being a Mormon. If he can get us to have multiple wives the sex may be great! Other than that, I just can't think of a reason to vote for him!

ABC CONS: The Massachusetts health care law that was enacted during his tenure as governor, especially the controversial measure of individual mandates. His religion (Mormon) is still seen by many as an impediment to greater appeal among socially-conservative evangelical Christian primary voters.

R2G Cons: I just don't think I can vote for a guy with the first name of Mit. It reminds me too much of Nit as in Nit Wit! Also, the Mormon thing really spooks me out. If elected he may ban booze and other vices that we all enjoy.

Tim Pawlenty
Current Governor Of Minnesota

ABC PROS: Record of fiscal conservatism as governor. Midwest roots give him leg up in Iowa caucus. "Electability argument." "Sam's Club" brand of "commonsense conservatism" allows him to reach beyond traditional GOP base and attract independents in a general election. Serious and credible campaign team in place.

R2G Pros: None! has anyone even heard of this guy!

ABC CONS: Fundraising: He's never had to raise big bucks before and couldn't because of restrictive state campaign finance laws. He may be able to raise what he needs, but no one knows for sure if he can. Can "Minnesota Nice" win over a restive and fired-up base?

R2G Cons: Again, I don't like his name. Pawlenty, sounds like Pawlenty of trouble to me. Charlie says, I like Good & Pawlenty. Remember that jingle for the candy Good & Plenty? I never liked those either.

Newt Gingrich
Former Speaker Of The House

ABC PROS: Name ID. Goodwill among party base. Seen as "ideas guy," big thinker and intellectual heavyweight. Skilled grassroots organizer.

R2G Pros: The only thing I like about this guy is he speaks his mind. He is not afraid to ruffle a few feathers. He has name recognition and that really helps with some of the idiots who are allowed by federal law to actually cast a vote.

ABC CONS: Messy personal life, including multiple divorces. Fundraising: He's been able to raise for his 527 groups but those don't have the restrictive limits that presidential candidate has to live under.

R2G Cons: And yet again, another bad name, Newt. Who in the hell names their kid Newt. It makes me think of the newts that you find in the forest hiding under rocks. It also makes me think of the line in Monty Python And The Holy Grail, "He turned me into a newt". I just can't vote for a Newt.

Sarah Palin Former
Former Governor Of Alaska - Vice Presidential Candidate in 2008

ABC PROS: Name ID. Access to grassroots fundraising. Strong following among social conservatives and Tea Party types. Ability to dominate "free" media means she doesn't have to spend as much money on paid advertising.

R2G Pros: Well, there are not too many. The only Pro that I can see is that she would look good naked in the oval office. Yes, it is a sexist thing to say, but all of the guys are thinking it! Palin talks a good game and is popular with the "Joe The Plumber" crowd.

ABC CONS: Lack of organizational campaign structure or strategy. Even among those who view her favorably, there's an electability concern. Mixed record in Alaska, especially the fact that she quit midway through her term as governor.

R2G Cons: Where do I start. Sarah Palin is an idiot! Make no mistake, she must be stopped! She has more skeletons in her closet than a graveyard. She is the creator of the Bimbonic Plague. She is currently traveling across the country in her tour bus spreading the plague throughout the country. If she shows up at your town, run for cover, lock the doors and put on your bio hazard suit.

Well, there it is, a quick look at what we have in store for us for the 2012 Presidential primary. There are several other candidates running for office, but the people listed above are the ones that actually may have a chance. The others are just a bunch of shlep rocks who don't have a prayer. The election is closer than we all think. God help us, we are going to need it!

As we get closer to the election, The Right To Gripe will keep you updated on the Presidential candidates.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weinergate - N.Y. Rep. Weiner Shows Off His......

Yea, you probably got that title correct. New York Representative Anthony Weiner has finally confessed to tweeting pics of his bulging Weiner in his underpants to a young women as well as shirtless pics to at least 5 other women over the past few years. To me this smells like a "Weinergate". Since unleashing his "Weiner" on Twitter, Weiner has time and time again denied any wrong doing until yesterday when he held a press conference to "Weiner Up" about the pic. Weiner called the initial underpants photo a joke and a “hugely regrettable mistake.” “I haven’t told the truth and have done things I deeply regret,” he said. “I brought pain to people I care about.” He later said: “This was a very dumb thing to do.” NO SHIT WEINER CLAUS!

This is not the first time Weiner showed off for the camera. In another photo Weiner is on a couch with two cats nearby. The website, BigGovernment.com said Weiner sent the photo using the anthonyweiner(at)aol.com account with the subject line “Me and the pussys.” ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! This is Comedy Central stuff. I would expect to see this in the movie The Hangover. What bugs me though is that for at least two weeks, Weiner denied doing it over and over and over. There were times that he actually got combative with reporters when they asked him if he did it! What in the hell was this Weiner thinking? He must have been thinking with his Weiner!

Now, here is the kick in the Weiner. This guy refuses to resign his position even after he lied time and time again about sending the pictures. Imagine that, a liar in Congress. All kidding aside, as soon as these guys are caught lying, their credibility goes right out the window. This guy should hang his Weiner in shame and beat it. Hey, hey, I meant out of Congress that is. There is no place in government for a lying Weiner. He should resign and take a job with Oscar Meyer driving the Weinermobile.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wilkes-Barre Gets The Shaft Again

I am so confused. I'm baffled by our legal system and how people can take total advantage of it and get away with it. I'm confused about this entire case of former WB cop George Cole and his bilking of $425,000.00 from the city of Wilkes-Barre. It all started in 1996 when while on duty, Cole's cruiser was hit by another car injuring Cole. The injuries sustained in the crash kept Cole out of work until his full recovery in 2005. He was out of work for about 9 years. During his long recuperation, Cole was paid $425,000 from the city through the Heart and Lung Act. The Heart and Lung Act pays public servants like police officers 100% of their salary while out due to injures sustained while on the job. Normal schmucks like you and I only get about 66% when we get hurt on the job. Also while Officer Cole was convalescing, a case was filed in bankruptcy court on what appears to be in his behalf. Oh, this gets better. Also during this time, the insurance company of the woman that hit him settled for $500,000.00 which normally covers medical bills, time off work and other damages. In total, Officer George Cole received close to one million dollars due to a car accident. Last week, U.S. District Judge James "Show Me The" Munley ruled that even though George Cole received an insurance settlement, he does not have to pay back the money he received from Heart and Lung.

Confusing right? NO, it appears this guy is a genius. He just bilked the city out of a half a million dollars. WHAT, ARE YOU FREAKIN ME! I have a few burning questions here. One, how can he be bankrupt? He just got close to a million dollars in 9 years! My guess is he filed for bankruptcy before he got the half a mil payout from the insurance company well knowing that he would not have to pay back the cities money. According to law, he has to satisfy his bills and then he keeps the rest. Second, how hurt was this guy? The court case states that he was severely injured. He was hurt enough to be out of work for 9 years. He did fully recover and is back on the beat full time. My guess is he milked this cash cow for as long as he could. A typical Fraternal Order Of Police move. Third question is why did Judge "Show Me The" Munley overturn the decision sent down by the Third Circuit Court Of Appeals? I'm sure there was past legal precedence for his decision.

To sum up this mess, the city is getting screwed and "The Baconator" George Cole just made a million bucks for getting into a car accident. Don't get me wrong here, Cole was injured on the job and most likely deserved the half a million bucks he got from the insurance company. He does not deserve the other half a mil and should be made to pay it back. The system just got its teats milked by a genius. The cops are pros at this stuff. They will continue to milk the taxpayers on claims like this one until our legal system wakes the hell up and stops them. I'm stunned that they actually got this guy back to work. Normally, the cops retire on disability continuing to work the udders of the broken judicial system. In other words, they are fleecing the cities and towns which of course is passed on to the taxpayers.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

PA. Governor Corbet - Stop The Slasher

Before I start this Gripe I want to throw out a few Kudos to Dr. Peter Andrews and the nurses at General Hospital. In case you didn't know, I had my gall bladder removed this past Tuesday and am just now able to sit down to start Griping again. Dr. Andrews did a great job with the surgery which lasted about one hour. After the surgery, nurses Sharon, Molly and others did a great job getting me back on my feet and ready to Gripe. A big thumbs up goes out to them all!

Now, enough of this good mushy stuff. While lying in my hospital bed, I had plenty of time to think about our idiot Governor, Slash and Burn Corbett. This mental midget is cutting tons of funding to our schools which is now causing school boards to scramble to replace the funds that were slashed. As I stated in an earlier Gripe, Crestwood is cutting elementary and middle school programs and raising taxes to boot. Now I read in The Times Leader that the Wilkes-Barre Area school board is proposing a 1.9% property tax increase along with gathering feasibility information on moving to a 4 day school week. First off, a 1.9% tax increase comes out to an additional $28.65 per year on a home valued at $100,000. WB Area will also replace only 6 of its 18 retiring teachers. Of course, by not replacing some teachers, it means that class sizes will increase. Our moron Governor Slash and Burn Corbett claims that 35 students in an elementary class is acceptable. WHAT! WHAT! You idiot! In addition, WB Area will eliminate summer school and cut elementary school principles to 10 month employees rather that 12 month employees. Like Crestwood, there is no talk of freezing or decreasing teacher salaries to help relieve the burden. ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!

So, what does it all mean? Let me tell you, it means the tax payers and their children are going to get whacked again! It means administrative, non union employees are getting whacked like a mafia hit! It means the unionized teachers get away scott free from taking any hits! It means our kids are getting the shitty end of the stick! Here is what bothers me the most about all of this mess that Slash and Burn Corbett has dumped on We The People. When reelection time comes, Slash and Burn is going to say, "Vote for me again, I didn't raise your taxes". Write this down because you can bet it will happen! This of course would be a total LIE! He may have not directly raised our taxes but did so through his budget cuts. He is using the school boards and local governments to do his dirty work. It appears to be a genius move if you fall for it and I'm sure many people will. This back door move has not fooled this GRIPER and don't let it fool you!

Speaking of dirty work, it's time for school boards to toss out the teachers unions when their contracts expire. This union is like a parasite, milking its host for everything it can get. Throw them the hell out and hire teachers that are non-union. Who says the school board has to renew these teachers contracts? They don't! There are plenty of teachers out there looking for work who would quickly replace the parasites currently teaching our children. I would also think that after being unemployed for a while, these unionized teachers would cross the picket line for work. As for Slash and Burn Corbett, I say throw this bum out NOW before it's too late. All of these types of tax increases and budget cuts are right around the corner for all of us. I for one can say that I did not vote for this pin head! If you did, shame on you! You are getting what you asked for, Slashing and Burning of We The People!