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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Ciavy" Will Learn His Fate

The clock is ticking for "Kids for Cash" Judge Mark "Ciavy" Ciavarella. Every second, every minute and every hour that goes by, our man "Chiavy" gets closer and closer to learning his fate. On August 11th, U.S. District Judge Edwin Kosik will hand down his sentence to "Chiavy" on the 12 of the 39 various counts that he was found guilty on. Way back when this dirt ball went on trial, The Gripe predicted that he would not spend one second in the crow bar hotel and to date this prediction has held true. However, on the 11th, we will see what Judge Kosik is made of when he hands down the sentence. Will he have balls of stone or a yellow belly? We will find out soon enough.

My prediction, I said it before and I'll say it again, "Chiavy" will get off easy. I can smell the garbage rotting in the back room of the courthouse in Scranton. I hope I am dead wrong. I want to see this bastard rot in jail until they take him out in a body bag. He ruined the lives of several kids, stole money, took bribes and most of all broke the trust of "We The People". For that along he should hang by the neck until he is dead. However, my prediction is a hefty fine and either a short stay in the federal resort or the bracelet and home confinement. I think if it is the latter of the two, the people should storm the courthouse and rip him apart like a rag doll. What we should see here is the irons slapped on his hands and feet and two big sheriffs leading him away. That is what he did to so many juveniles in his courtroom.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The NFL - What A Joke!

First off, let me say that I was soured by the NFL about 3 years ago. The reason for the bad taste in my mouth comes from regional coverage of games that they instituted some years ago. I hate the Eagles, I don't like the Giants and I can't stand the Steelers. They all make me want to puke my brains out. Of course, these are the teams we see the most here in NEPA. I am a Packer fan and in order to see their games, they have to be playing one of the shit teams listed above or be on Monday Night Football. Otherwise, I have to buy the NFL package which cost a small fortune. I flat out refuse to do it. My Sunday's are now spent doing yard work and small repairs in the house. Not my idea of a relaxing Sunday!

The shit taste in my mouth for the NFL has now grown even more with the lock out and insane negotiations that have took place since the end of the last season. These filthy, greedy bastards just can't seem to figure out what to do with the billions of dollars in revenue that the NFL makes every year off all its sucker fans. I'll tell you what to do with all of the money, SHOVE IT WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE! You scum bag bastards! You make me sick to my stomach. Yesterday, the owners voted to ratify the latest proposal with the lone dissension coming from guess who...YES Al Davis of THE R A I D E R S! Say it, The R A I D E R S! The proposal immediately went to the players who everyone thought would ratify it by 8:00 pm Friday night. Of course, they did not! Now it sits in limbo due to the legal issues of the desertification of the players union several months ago. Thus, the Hall Of Fame game has been cancelled which will cost the people of Canton, Ohio millions of dollars in lost revenues. Way to go you greedy pigs! By the way, I threw up all over my porch this morning when I saw the big picture of Dion Sanders on the front of the sports page of The Times Leader. Here is a guy that couldn't make a down field tackle if his life depended on it and he is going into the Football Hall Of Fame. WHAT!

There are two questions that most NFL fans or should I say lemmings have concerning this mess. Number one, which was brought up by one of our Gripers Bob W. is, how can there be a separate union if the players are contracted by the teams and the owners? Good question! My answer, who the hell knows. These guys are all contracted individuals and they need to live up to their commitments. The owners don't contract with the union, they contract with the players. I say dump the union and tell the players report to camp or you are OUT! Once their pocketbooks started running dry you would see a stampede to camps. Most of these guys have blown their millions anyway and would turn desperate rather quickly.

The second question is the one burning on the minds of NFL lemmings everywhere. When will this disgrace end? Personally, I hope the entire season is cancelled. Compared to the college game, the NFL is like watching grass grow. I would rather watch a college football game any day over the NFL. As for this season, I would expect that all of these jug heads will come to some agreement soon so they can get the season off and running. By the way, did you know that 1/3 of the current players in the NFL either have no contract, need an extension or want to renegotiate their current contracts. This amounts to about 500 players. All of this has to be done before the rosters are completed for the season. A monumental task to say the least. I would think that the good players will hold the owners over a barrel for astronomical amounts of money while the mediocre players will take it in the back pocket. Only time will tell. My solution to this mess is for all fans to boycott the game which would send the NFL and its greedy players and owners into bankruptcy. Fans everywhere need to get their attention by telling them that we "Are as mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore".

As of today, I have eliminated The Sports Gripe. I just didn't have the time to Gripe on more than one blog. I will add my sports Gripes right here on the R2G.

Friday, July 22, 2011

These Red Traffic Lights Suck

Have you ever driven through the area at 4:30 am? Unfortunately I had to be at work by 5:00 am today which ticked me off to start, but I flew into a rage when I hit 11 out of 12 red lights on my way in. I drive about 2.5 miles to work everyday which takes me through Kingston and into Wilkes-Barre. First off, 12 traffic lights for 2.5 miles. That is ridiculous! Secondly, why in the hell are they all functional at this time of the morning? There is no one on the road! Of course, I slowed down and blew through about 7 of them. I am not going to stop and sit like an idiot when nothing is coming to impede my progress. I am sick and tired of the stop and go street lights that all of our towns have put up, especially on intersections that don't really need one. These lights do nothing but grind our brake pads down quicker. This kind of crap really sends me over the edge!

So, what is the solution you ask? It's simple. When I lived in Fayetteville, NC, most of the traffic lights were set to blink after 2:00 am. This caused drivers to slow down and then proceed with caution. No one had to sit with their thumbs up their asses at a stupid red light when they didn't have to. Why not do that here? Our city and state officials need to stop the nonsense and use common sense. We don't need to sit at traffic lights when no one is within sight for miles. Of course at the major intersections of heavily traveled streets they would have to keep the traffic lights functional. With this small change, we would not have to sit and fall asleep at the wheel waiting for a useless red light to change.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


When the crap starts piling up and I have to get a few things off my chest I can think of no solution other than to slam down a couple of shots, GRIPE SHOTS! Several things have been sticking in my craw and I need to get them out.

I was driving home from work, taking my usual route down Union St in Wilkes-Barre and past the Unemployment Offices. Oh, was I not politically correct by calling it the Unemployment Office? I believe they now call this barnyard the Career Link. Anyway, as I was sitting at the red light on the corner of Union and N. Washington I see an old school bus parked in front of "The Link" with all of the low life scum bag teat sucking welfare rats piling on board. It appears that these people get free transportation down to "The Link" for training. ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! Every time I see this I want to toss a grenade into that bus.

Speaking of low life scum bags, I see that Thom "The Tick" Greco's property on the corner of N. Main and Union is vacant once again. Mr. Tony's Martini bar went belly up after less than a year at this albatross of a location. After further inspection, it appears that another business is going in there. WHAT! WHAT! How dumb can people be? Nothing has made it there since The Grogg Shop closed its doors. "The Tick" must put on a grand performance in order to get suckers to keep investing in this dump. I really feel sorry for the poor bastards that are setting up shop there.

I have a beef with our local radio stations, especially WILK News Radio. First off, our local yocal stations just plain SUCK! They play the same 50 songs over and over and over along with a boat load of poorly produced commercials. As for WILK, they profess to be the only source on the radio for news. HA! Tell me another story Stimpy! They give their listeners NOTHING! The two clowns in the morning, Webster and Nancy are about as useless as tits on a bull. They just continually babble on about nothing with each one trying to talk over the other. Then there is that mental midget Rush Limbaugh or should I say Limpbaugh. This idiot does nothing but bash and blame President Obama and the Democrats on all the woes of the world. His moronic shtick gets old real fast. I'm surprised no one has put some hot lead between his ears yet. And then there is Steve Corbett. This useless pile of monkey crap says he is a maverick and that he tackles the issues head on. I unfortunately listened to him for one week straight and found that he does nothing but skirt the issues. He is a gutless pinhead! He is afraid to name names or allow his callers to toss people under the bus. I say mention the names and fire up the bus. When a caller starts getting the best of him, he cuts them right off. Corbett, you make me sick!

Finally, I can't believe it! Roseanne Barr is back on TV. Her new show, Roseanne's Nuts airs tonight on Lifetime. Now, I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. She looks like she has lost some weight, but man did she age. I was not a big fan of her other shows and don't know if I will tune in. However, with an episode entitled Pig War I may. I also loved the clip with Roseanne falling off a motorcycle. Now we know what caused the earthquake in Japan!

That's it for now. I slammed down a few Gripe Shots and now I feel better. I just hope I don't have a Gripeover in the morning.

Monday, July 18, 2011

PennDot Update

This just in on our progress of the repair to the mega pothole on the Pierce St Bridge. I received an email from PennDot confirming that they received my complaint and that a bridge crew was on the bridge on July 14th and July 15th to correct the problem. After a personal inspection from the R2G, I am pleased to say that the mega hole has been repaired. A steel plate has been bolted into the bridge and the driving is much smoother. Way to go Gripers! The people spoke and PennDot listened.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stay Poor and Thirsty My Friends

With his motto, "Stay thirsty my friends", the most interesting man in the world from the Dos Equis beer commercials should actually be working for the state of Pennsylvania as the spokesman for the Pa Liquor Control Board. Why you ask? In the Friday edition of The Times Leader, correspondent Andrew Seder wrote a great story on the levies attached to booze that we all buy from the state Wine & Spirit Shops. In case you didn't know, the state is whacking us big time on every bottle of hooch that we buy. Of course that is one reason they really don't want to get out of the liquor selling business. They are assassinating our pocketbooks with taxes and fees for every bottle we buy! Hang onto your drinks because this is going to be a long, but very informative GRIPE.

Right off the top, PA drops the 6% sales tax bomb on us like a bunker buster on a group of insurgents. This tax is standard on almost everything we buy. Secondly, they kick us in the sack with a 30% markup along with a handling fee which could be up to $2.00 a bottle. WHAT! Pay me $2.00 per bottle and I will stock my ass off! Next, and you will love this one, the boys in Harrisburg hammer us with an 18% levy thanks to a 75 year old tax which was created in 1936 to help pay for the cleanup and recovery of that years Johnstown Flood. (I keep seeing the word levy here which takes my brain to the bogus levy fee. That one just confuses me with rage! I have to keep focused before I bite a piece off my laptop!) Back to the booze. You read that right, a 75 year old tax to help recover from the Johnstown Flood in 1936! WHAT! ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! When this tax was instituted, Franklin D. Roosevelt was the President of The United States. This tax when levied on the residents of Pennsylvania was set at 10% and was intended to be temporary. It was put in place for a purpose which is no longer valid. Right now, you should be asking yourself, "I wonder if this 10% Johnstown Flood Tax is still in place"? The answer....YES IT IS! You didn't actually think they would repeal it did you? In fact according to johnstownfloodtax.com, the state gathered the 40 million dollars needed in 6 years with a little help from the federal government. Oh, it gets better. This tax has actually been increased twice, once in 1963 to 15% and again in 1968 to 18% on every bottle. Eighteen percent is where it stands today!

To sum it up, We The People are paying about 50% more on every bottle of booze due to FREAKIN' TAXES! Here's the kicker, the revenue from these taxes goes into the state's General Fund which means it may not go back into the state run booze stores. It can be used for anything they want to use it for. In fact, these liquor taxes generated $271,000,000.00 last year. That's 271 million for you English Majors. According to Stacey Witalec, spokesman for the LCB, "...That profit supports services and programs that benefit all Pennsylvanians". This scripted answer is what these pinheads give for everything that they do with our tax dollars. I want to know what programs does it fund? If it's for senior citizens I may lose it. Those old bastards get all of the lottery proceeds. My guess is this money goes to the system teat suckling parasites that are milking the system for everything they can get. (This will be a future Gripe soon to be released).

Don't despair, there is a movement, not a bowel movement in Harrisburg to revamp the states liquor system. This movement includes the privatization of the stores and the elimination of the 30% per bottle markup. The Einsteins in Harrisburg propose to also eliminate the Johnstown Flood Tax as well. Wow, that's a no brainer there. However, this proposal will add a new "Gallonage Tax" of between $8.25 to $12.00 per gallon based on the type of liquor and alcohol content. I knew it sounded too good to be true! What some state congressman want to do is put the stores into the private sector, eliminate the taxes that funded their costs to run the liquor stores and then whack the new store owners with this "Gallonage Tax" which they will pass right on to us, the consumer. In other words, the state gets their money and we get screwed yet AGAIN! I think when the most interesting man in the world does his commercials for the state of Pennsylvania, he should say, "Stay poor and thirsty by friends".

A Gripe Update: The Pierce St. Bridge mega pothole has been fixed. PennDot bolted down a steel plate to cover the massive pothole. Way to go Gripers!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I am beginning to have a real hatred for PennDot. I just wanted to thank them for the $400.00 repair bill for my SUV which included a broken strut. As much as I can determine, my wife broke this strut while driving over the Pierce St Bridge which is a state maintained bridge. If you have driven from Wilkes-Barre to Kingston you are personally familiar with all of the many pot holes especially the lunar crater on the down slope side which sits right in your path. This thing is so deep that you can see the metal rebarb which is part of the concrete structure of the bridge. To our best guess, that is the culprit. This monster is so deep that I think it may have been hit by space debris from an asteroid! It is a danger to drivers and MUST BE FIXED YOU FREAKIN' MORONS! Instead, they just let us drill our vehicles to kingdom come in this abyss. I don't get it? Anyway, I would just like to thank PennDot from the bottom of my heart or should I say scrod for the $400.00 bill. By the way, I am going to send a copy of this bill to our friends at PennDot and ask for reimbursement. I will keep all of you posted on my progress.

If you have the chance, go to their web site (google PennDot), go to the bottom of the page and hit contact and then click on the blue highlighted Driver and Vehicle Services Customer Call Center. At the bottom of this page you will see Reporting Roadway Concerns. On the right side you will see Submit New Concern. Just click on that and away you go. I am asking all of you GRIPERS to submit a request to fix these pot holes. Once submitted, you will actually get a tracking number. I will keep you posted on my progress. I implore that we all go and submit a concern over the Pierce St. bridge before someone gets killed. Its time for our voices to be heard. If this doesn't work I will personally take a petition to Harrisburg to get it fixed. Please let me know if you submitted a concern by either commenting to this Gripe or by shooting me a text or email.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Casey Anthony Trial - Set, Game Match..NOT GUILTY

Everyone around NEPA is talking about the Casey Anthony trial and verdict of Not Guilty of the murder of her 2 year old daughter Caylee. Most, if not all people were stunned when they heard the verdict of not guilty. Readers of The Gripe were outraged and wanted to know why I have not Griped this decision. The reason I have waited until now is simple, I was just not following this case that closely. However, the Gripers have spoken so I have done my research and here it is.

In my opinion, either the 12 jurors were the dumbest people on this planet or the Prosecution team were a bunch of bumbling idiots. Right now I am leaning toward the Prosecution. After reading up on all of the evidence, it appears that the prosecution had a pretty good case. Some of the hard hitting evidence included traces of Chloroform in Casey Anthony's trunk, the 84, yes 84 web site hits on Chlorform and how to make it on her computer, the 31 days it took Casey to report Caylee missing, the one strand of decomposing hair found in the trunk, the rare type of duct tape found over Caylee's body matched tape found in the families garage, the cadaver dogs locating traces of body decomposition in Casey's trunk, the testimony of Casey's mother and father of the trunk smelling "like a dead body". and the party pictures of Casey after Caylee was missing. This as well as other evidence should have given the Prosection a rock solid case with a verdict of guilty.

From the defense side, they portrayed Casey as being molested by her father but had no real evidence to back this accusation up. Also, the remains of Caylee were so decomposed that it made it difficult to get a great DNA sample from it. Now, this will make you want to kill someone. Caylee’s remains could have been recovered and analyzed as early as Aug. 11, 2008 which is four months sooner than the actual discovery and only two months after her death, had police simply responded to a 911 report of a small skull in a wooded area close to the Anthony home. The caller, Roy Kronk, contacted police each day for three consecutive days before giving up. For reasons that remain unexplained, Mr. Kronk waited four more months before he returned to the scene, found the skull again and called the authorities. Had police responded to Kronk’s original call, there might have been more of Caylee’s remains to analyze. More importantly, the duct tape discovered with Caylee’s remains would have been only two months old in August (rather than six months old in December), significantly increasing the opportunity to detect the fingerprints and DNA of whoever handled the duct tape. Now this is a real bite in the ass! It appears that the inconclusive DNA test reults were the swaying factor for the jury. The Prosecution just could not prove that the remains belonged to Caylee Anthony. Or could they?

The answer to that question is yes, maybe they could have. The Christian Science Monitor reported, An FBI forensic specialist considered the results inconclusive, but a Dutch expert and pioneer in locating tiny amounts of DNA testified that it might be possible to lift a more telling profile from the weathered duct tape through enhanced testing common in Europe. No enhanced test was ever conducted. An additional area that could have yielded firm scientific evidence linking the mother to the dead child involved a wad of paper towels found in a bag of trash in Anthony’s car. The paper towels were infested with maggots. Prosecutors alleged that the paper towels had been used to clean up fluid from Caylee’s decomposing body. Entomologists testified that DNA could be extracted from the maggots to prove they’d been feeding on Caylee’s remains. The Dutch DNA expert said if undigested DNA could be extracted from the maggots, it might provide enough information for a positive match. For reasons not explained, those tests were never done. The other question here that remains unanswered is WHY?

After careful consideration, I think the Prosecutors may have been the biggest bunch of idiots that ever sat in a courtroom. They rivaled the knuckleheads that prosecuted the O.J. trial. The real problem I see with many of these cases is the fact that State District Attorneys are usually underachieving lawyers who have no business trying a case this big. The Assistant D.A.'s are also underpaid lawyers who are in most cases just starting out as attorneys or can't make it out on their own. These understaffed and under knowledge D.A.'s just can't stay with the big defense teams that these high profile defendants have. The nagging question that I have right now is if Casey Anthony did not murder her daughter, then who did? Was it the mother whose story changed several times during the investigation? Was it the father who was an alleged child molester according to Casey? Was Caylee kidnapped by someone else and then murdered and her body dumped in the woods? Like the O.J. murder case, we may never know.

I know everyone is waiting to see what my verdict is on this case. After reading all of the evidence, I think the Prosecution presented a case that proved Casey Anthony was murdered, stuffed in the trunk of the car and hauled away. They did not prove in my mind exactly WHO killed this innocent little girl. If I sat on this jury, I would have had to think long and hard on this one. I think Caylee may have actually drowned in the pool and someone went through all of this trouble to hide it. I also think with the evidence at hand, the Prosecution went for a charge much loftier than they should have. However, with all the evidence, I think my conclusion would have been.....NOT GUILTY!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 4th Of July - Thoughts On America

It was a great 4th of July weekend! The R2G was on the road for some of the festivities which included a round of golf on Sunday morning with a few Gripers and the annual 4th of July Check-tacular on Sunday afternoon and evening. On Monday it was an old fashioned cookout with my family and then we settled in to watch the fireworks from Washington DC, New York and Boston on the boob tube. I gave up going to Kirby Park years ago because of getting burned by falling embers from our local fireworks. I finished off my evening by watching a great series on the History Channel called Revolution. This multi-part show chronicled the American Revolution in detail from the beginning in 1776 until the swearing in of George Washington as the first President Of The United States. If you get a chance to watch this I recommend that you do so. It will enlighten you as to how impossible the task was to separate from England. Through perseverance, a little help from the French and a massive blunder by the English, we achieved the impossible and became The United States Of America.

Anyway, with this being the birthday of our great nation, the topic of choice by many this past weekend was indeed our country. People talked about over taxation, bogus governmental fees and much more. As I sat and took in all of the talk, the fireworks and the Revolution I thought to myself, "What the hell has happened to us"? We broke away from England because King George and Parliament were taxing the crap out of the colonists. Now our own country is taxing the hell out of its own citizens. Of course you may argue that the colonists had no representation in England while we all have our Congressman and Senators in Washington. The question here is do they really represent the people? I would say not! Even with constantly escalating taxes, our country is currently in debt to the tune of numbers that I can't even imagine. My operative in Washington tells me that if the congress does not approve the raising of the debt ceiling, our nations credit rating will go from an A++ to a D. This would be devastating to our nation because no other country will loan us money. In case you don't know, we borrow more money from China than any other country on this planet. This fact makes me sick to my stomach!

I also contemplated on how we went from the most respected country on this planet to the one that is hated the most. The French loath us, the Arab nations hate our guts, the Germans don't like us and the Chinese and Russians, well I don't have to go there. Even the spineless Canadians turn their noses up at us. It appears the only friend we have is our old enemy England. Go figure! For some reason the U.S. has decided to become the keeper of planet Earth. We have decided to try to push our renegade brand of democracy on a world that either doesn't want it or can't handle it. I use the words renegade democracy because this form of government was given a 0% chance of working when our founding fathers put it in place. The USA is the only place it has worked and will ever work! I say we need to take a step back and start worrying about ourselves. At one time we were the leader in industry and technology. Now we are taking a back seat to China, Taiwan and India. We were a thriving nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Now 12% to 15% of our population is unemployed. Our cities are bursting at the seams with crime and homelessness. We have people starving in the streets looking for a handout. We used to have a hard working force of people filling factories that produced good quality goods. Now we have people sucking on the teats of the system because they are lazy slobs that don't want to work which is one of the reasons industry has gone to foreign nations. We have unions that are driving industry out of our country because they are bilking companies for every penny they have. Our unions were formed to protect the workforce but now they breed mediocrity in the workplace. Another reason why we have lost numerous jobs to foreign countries.

I guess I could go on and on. However, after all of this contemplation, I did come up with one hard inevitable fact. We are still the greatest nation on this planet and don't you ever forget it! For those who say America sucks I say hit the road jack and don't you come back! We have our problems and by god there are plenty of those. The thing that scares me the most is our governments just don't get it. We need to take a hard look at which nations like us and which ones don't. We need to start taking care of ourselves and not worry about every other jabroney country this side of the Atlantic and Pacific. We need to get industry back home. We need to stop sending billions and billions of dollars in aid to countries like Pakistan that stab us in the back. We need to make sure our people have food on the table and a job to go to. We need to make sure our citizens are educated. We need to stop getting into useless wars that kill our soldiers for no reason. We need to get back to the basics of taking care of America. If we don't, we will be heading down the road of Revolution once again. I contemplated that as well and I saw myself spending a long time in prison.