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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Doing The Right Thing

When we were growing up, our parents taught us to always do the right thing. They taught us to never steal, lie or cheat and always tell the truth. Former Notre Dame head Coach Lou Holtz wrote in his book on the 1988 Championship Season that he always told his players if they had to stop and think whether something was right or wrong it was probably wrong so don't do it! Words to live and die by or are they? MSNBC reported today that "A tourist from Tennessee waltzed into one of the most secure sites in New York City — and politely asked a cop if she could check her weapon." It appears that Meredith Graves, 39, a 4th year medical student saw the sign that stated no guns were allowed and stopped a security guard to see where she could check her gun while she paid respect to the victims of the 911 massacre. The guard told her that she was in luck because of “law enforcement day” and led her to another area. When she got to that section, she asked another cop, “We have this gun, can we check it in here? We [my husband and I] are not law-enforcement.” That’s when she was arrested. Graves, who has a full legal carry permit in Tennessee, was locked up on a weapons-possession charge and held on $2,000 bond that she posted yesterday. She is due in court on March 19.

ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! This woman does the right thing by trying to check the gun in and WHAM, right to the slammer! She realized that the gun was in her purse and tried to do the right thing. So what does law enforcement do, they arrest her and lock her up until she posts bail. This sent me into a rage! It seems to me that in today's day and age when you try to do the right thing you take the slippery bone right where the sun don't shine. She tried to be honest and got hosed for it. What bothers me is that she has a permit to carry a gun in Tennessee but it does not carry over to New York. This is just like the Plaxico Burress incident the only difference is that idiot shot himself. He spent 3 years in prison. I will be curious to see how this shakes out. If this woman actually gets any jail time "We The People" should storm the courthouse where she is being tried, grab the judge and pistol whip him right at the 911 Memorial. As for doing the right thing, maybe we should all just start cheating and stealing so we can actually get ahead in this corrupt world that we live in.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas - My 10 Gripes Of Christmas

After two years and three Christmas seasons, the R2G is stronger and better than ever. On this Christmas Day, I sit here to reflect back on this holiday season and am thankful for many things. However, there have been a few things that have stuck in my craw over this holiday which have really ticked me off. Of course, I have decided to compile them to come up with my 10 Gripes Of Christmas.
10. Happy Holidays: I am sick and tired of being politically correct! As far as I am concerned it is Merry Christmas and NOT Happy Holidays! If you are Jewish, then Happy Hanukkah and so on and so forth. Lets not lump it all into one big retail raping of the public.

9. Shopping Brawls: Throughout this Christmas season, we have seen numerous store brawls on the news. These morons that fight over certain retail items have done so from coast to coast. More arrests were made this year than ever over retail may-lays. Common people, this is the season to be jolly, not the season to land a right cross.

8. Lexus Commercials: I know I have Griped about this before, but I just can't take it anymore. Every other commercial on the idiot box is people getting a Lexus for Christmas. ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! Do you know anyone who got a Lexus. I know I didn't! If you do, I want to know who it is. Cut us a break and quit insulting our intelligence.

7. Commercials: Speaking of Christmas commercials, I know I was stunned when I saw my first one the day after Halloween. Every year it gets earlier and earlier. By the time Christmas Day comes you have had enough. You just want to crawl under a rock and pray for it to be over. Don't get me wrong here, I love Christmas. However, it is being kicked right in the jingle bells by the retail sector. Its time we all put a stop to this before Christmas is ruined.

6. Christmas Songs: First off, a big R2G 2 thumbs up goes to Magic 93 for playing Christmas Songs over the past few weeks. No other lame channel on the FM dial did so. The only Gripe I have is that Christmas Night at 6pm, the Christmas Songs will end. Whatever happened to playing them right through until New Years Day. I guess the retail world has sent down the edict that it is over at 6pm on Christmas Day.

5. The Yule Log: What ever happened to the Yule Log on TV? I remember sitting down after putting all the gifts under the tree, sipping a glass of wine and watching the Yule Log. I could not find it anywhere this year. I have Direct TV and it appeared to be absent. Now mind you, I did not go through all 857 channels of nothing that I get.

4. No Snow: When was the last time we had a white Christmas? Now I am talking a plow-able snow that makes the town like a Christmas card. I'll tell you. The last major snow that we had for Christmas was in 1969. Three days before Christmas, the Freeze Miser dropped 12.2 inches of snow on the Greater Wilkes-Barre Area. Whatever happened to some snow on Christmas. Can you say GLOBAL WARMING?

3. X-Mas: I can tell you I just don't like it! It's Christmas, not X-Mas. This is the lazy ass way for spelling out the greatest holiday known to mankind. Us Americans have become lazy sons of bitches who want to get as little done in as quick a time as we can. It's CHRISTMAS!

2. Christmas Spirit: It seems that there is less and less every year. Hell, where I work our main office building didn't even have a Christmas Tree. That is pathetic! The company gave their employees squat for Christmas. I know times are tight, but common! Throw something our way. We used to have a Christmas party, but that went by the way of the South Pole last year. Merry Freakin' Christmas you bastards!

1. Justin Bieber: What does he have to do with Christmas? Let me tell you. I actually heard a classic Christmas song butchered by "The Bieb" on the radio. It may have been the worst rendition of a Christmas song I have ever heard. "The Bieb" should be forbidden by law to sing Christmas songs.

There you have it, my 10 Gripes Of Christmas. I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year....Keep On Griping!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Tattooed Baby

I wanted to do a little follow up on the blunder that I made posting about the baby who was allegedly tatted up by his mothers drunk boyfriend. This story really fired our readers up because they thought it really happened. Well, it didn't this time. Here is the scoop on this story from Oddity Central. Thanks to Rebecca F. for debunking this story.

The Drill Baby is a bizarre artwork created by New York-based artist Jason Clay Lewis. It is inspired by the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Remember Sarah Palin’s famous “Drill, baby, drill” remark? Jason Clay Lewis named his artwork the Drill Baby in response to her infamous line. The Drill Baby is a peaceful looking baby made of vinyl rubber, mohair, plaster, oil paint and aluminum armature, covered with tattoos inspired by the BP disaster.

Oil covered seagulls and pelicans, a Koi fish swimming in dark waters and an isolated island surrounded by oil – these are the victims of the oil spill depicted on the infant’s tattoos, while the perpetrators are represented by a dark ship followed by floating oil barrels. Even the Virgin Mary is depicted holding a dripping gas nozzle.

When you look at the picture, you think this is a real baby. Instead you see a work of art.....I think. I guess the beauty of art is in the eye of the beholder.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The last gripe that I posted had to do with a 9 month old baby getting tattooed by his mothers drunk boyfriend. It now appears that the story was a fake, a phony, an out and out lie! I was bamboozled! The wool was pulled over my eyes! I was taken for a ride and left in the woods! Thanks to several of our Gripers the light was shed on this story. I apologize to all of you GRIPERS for leading you down a path of lies and deceit. I normally research these things and figured the story was legit. Of course it was not. However, I'm sure that there is some drunken mother out there that has allowed her on and off boyfriend to tat up her baby. I know on occasion they do shake babies to death.

Coming up: Some deep thoughts on Christmas.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Baby Inked

Just when you thought you read it all. Just when you thought humanity hit its lowest point. Just when you thought you may have seen the idiot of all idiots. NO, YOU HAVEN'T. One of our Gripers, Erin E. brought this story to my attention last week and I sat on it thinking that this would be a great Schmuck Of The Week. After contemplating for a few days I grew angrier and angrier thinking about this entire story. In Albany, N.Y. A local resident, Franny Trokerns was arrested early this morning after being turned in by her babysitter. She works as a dancer at a local strip bar and apparently during a night of heavy drinking she allowed her on-and-off-again boyfriend Derrek Honsteads (a tattoo artist) to tattoo her 9 month old baby! ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! The on and off boyfriend tat's up the kid during a bender and the mother is good with it. The first thing that comes to my mind is that this poor kid is doomed, no chance in life what-so-ever. The story does not say whether Children & Youth in New York took the baby or not. My guess is no. I can tell you if it was Luzerne County they wouldn't even have investigated. They would have thrown out a few laughs and then concluded that the child is in no danger. I have to tell you, this makes me sick. Now this kid has to go through life with this ugly tattoo. Every time he looks at it he will think, "Hey, I want to kill that bastard Derrick for putting this hideous thing on my body". Don't get me wrong here, I am not against tattoos, I have two myself. I am against these two drunks inking up the 9 month old baby while in a drunken stupor. Just when you thought humanity may have hit it's lowest out comes this story. I guess we humans can always top the atrocities that we employ to each other.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Detectives Cash In

The definition of a detective is; a member of the police force or a private investigator whose function is to obtain information and evidence, as of offenses against the law. In Luzerne County you can add to obtain a huge salary while the county goes bankrupt. It was reported on Saturday that three Luzerne County Detectives will each receive more than $105,000 in pay this year. WHAT! WHAT! ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! One hundred and five thousdand dollars? Thanks to their hefty contract these bozo's will earn this much money from salary, raises, overtime, longevity bonuses and other collective-bargining agreements. Thank you to The Luzerne County Detectives Association for grabbing onto the sagging teat of the system and sucking it dry. Also a big thanks goes to former Commissioners Skrepenak and Vonderheid for approving this milk machine of a contract. It does not surprise me that the Skrep and Dunderheid rubber stamped this contract considering they probably did the same with many others.

When you dig into the nuts and bolts of this contract you want to vomit all over your keyboard. There are 10 detectives working for the county, don't ask me what they do who receive 3.5% annual pay increases each year. Shit, I haven't seen a raise since Moses parted the red sea. They also receive a longevity bonus using a formula based on years of service. By the way, Steven Hawking put together this formula. These bonuses cost the county and "We The People" $70.299 in 2011 alone. Oh, there is more. Chief Detective Michael Dessoye who was hired in 1979 received a bonus of, drum roll please...$13,530 plus a raise of $2700 which places his pay at $95,532. HOLY CRAP!

Their contract also guarantees a minimum of 4 hours of O.T. if they are called out after their shift. They get the 4 hours pay even if they don't put 4 hours in. The total of overtime paid out this year to our detectives was $39,644. The biggest theft of O.T. came from Daniel Yursha who bled the county of $6,685. These jokers can also sell back unused holiday, vacation and personal days which cost us $39,232 for 2011. These clowns get 18 sick days, 5 personal days and up to 30 vacation days a year. They also get a clothing and equipment allowance of $1,050 per year and a cell phone stipend of $1,200 a year to help them out with the use of their phones at home. Like they really need that one! They also take home county owned vehicles while the D.A.'s office cannot do so.

In other words, these teat suckling bastards are milking the county dry. This has to STOP! No one in the working sector gets these kind of perks anymore. Hell, people who work for the Federal Government don't get this kind of royal treatment. What the hell do these jug heads do anyway? Let me answer that. According to the Luzerne County Website, The Detective Division is the investigative arm of the Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office. There are currently ten County Detectives within the Detective Division. The County Detectives are assigned to investigate criminal activity which occurs within Luzerne County. Crimes investigated include homicide, sexual assault, domestic violence, homicide by motor vehicle – DUI related, white collar crime, and crimes against children. County Detectives also investigate other matters as assigned by the Luzerne County District Attorney. My guess is the way crime is running rampant in the county they don't meet this definition. It's time for the county to reel in this kind of wasteful spending to get these types of groups into the real world. Dump the contract with the Detectives Association and start fresh. The gravy train has pulled into its last stop and now it's time for realistic spending.

Friday, December 9, 2011


I have not been on the R2G for about a week now and boy do I have some bitchin' to do. Everything has been building up to a crescendo of rage and you know what that means. It's time to sit back to throw down a few GRIPE SHOTS. Pull up a stool, not a stool sample and let's GRIPE! It's time to get a few things off our chests and out in the open.

1. It appears that a few more people have come forward over this past week to accuse Jerry "The Sandman" Sandusky of sexual molestation. Again The Sandman went up in front of a judge and was actually put into a cell overnight until he could post bail. The outrageous part was that the bail was only set at $250,000.00. Sandusky secured his release using $200,000 in real estate holdings and a $50,000 certified check provided by his wife, Dottie, according to online court records. He will be subject to electronic monitoring under the terms of his release. This guy is a sexual Tyrannosaurus Rex, a predator like no other and they set a make able bail for him. I just don't get it! If it were you or I we would have been taken away in irons and locked up in a room with striped sunlight.

2. I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of all the Christmas car commercials. Who the hell buys their husband or wife a Lexus for Christmas. Not me I can tell ya! Hell, I can't even afford an 82 Buick from the junk yard. These car companies must be living in a fantasy world where husbands buy their wives cars for Christmas. Only on the Planet Remulak does this happen! It is really starting to get under my skin! It's on every channel during every commercial break. My big question here is how in the hell will the big fat man in the red suit fit a car down the chimney?

3. The college bowl schedule is out and guess what? There are no bowl games on January 1st! Are you FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! The first is on a Sunday which means the lame NFL will take the top dog position pushing the major bowl games to Monday, January 2nd. What a bite in the ass. This is unamerican. We will now have to watch the bowls on Monday and then go to work on Tuesday all hung over. I almost dropped a deuce in my shorts when I heard this! This years bowlanza of games starts on December 17th with Temple playing against Wyoming in the Gildan New Mexico Bowl. What the hell is a Gildan? Of course, it all wraps up with the bogus BCS National Championship game on January 9th with Alabama taking on LSU. Future GRIPES to come soon on this match up! As always, there are a few crazy bowl names like The Idaho Potato Bowl, The Beef O'Brady's St. Petersburg Bowl, The Belk Bowl and of course The Taxslayer.com Gator Bowl. Overall, there will be 35 bowl games telecast over various networks. Cut me a break! That means 70 out of 119 FBS teams qualified for a bowl game.

That's it for now because I have no GRIPE left in me. Keep your eyes peeled here because in a few days I am going to go "APE" over the National Championship match up between Alabama and LSU.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Something Is Rotten On River Street

I knew it! I just knew it! Something is rotten on River Street in Wilkes-Barre and I could smell it a mile away. The stench is coming from the old Hotel Sterling and it's not from the flood waters that filled the building several months back. The wretched odor is from the Hotel Sterling project which now includes the demolition of the grand old hotel. Yesterday, a federal grand jury ordered the clowns at the county courthouse to turn over all documents related to the project. As we all know or may not know, the county loaned CityVest, the owner of the Sterling $6 million dollars for restoration of the hotel. Instead this money was used to tear down the 14 story high rise portion of the building. CityVest is now out of funds and can not come up with the $26.8 to $35.6 million clams to complete the project. Just recently, the building was mysteriously condemned due to flood waters that allegedly weakened the structure beyond repair. Then a few weeks ago, our three stooges at the courthouse voted to allocate $1 million in federal dollars toward the demolition. The demolition most likely will take place well over a year from now.

Like I said before, this entire thing stinks! The smell of corruption here wafts through the air like the Sanitation plant in Hanover during a heat wave. To me it appears that money was sliding from hand to hand with it not being spent on the project. It also seems that some of the costs incurred by the project may have been inflated due to the greasing of some pockets. Welcome to Luzerne County. This crap happens all of the time and that is why our county is flat broke! The actual grand jury charges have not been determined yet, but I bet embezzlement, theft of funds and misappropriations of funds will be included. I know I can't wait to see how all of this unfolds. I knew it stunk like a skunk road kill in August.