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Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Moon - Researching Gravity?

First off let me say, Happy New Year to all of you Gripers out there. It was a great year with plenty to Gripe about. The R2G celebrated it's 2nd Anniversary in December which also saw the 10,000 hit mark being eclipsed. 2012 should be an interesting year especially if you believe in the Mayan prophesies. Even if you don't, the people of NEPA should be able to entertain us with their usual bucket filled to the brim with moronic acts. Now on to the first Gripe of 2012.

I read in today's Times Leader that not one, but two probes have entered the moons orbit to study our closest neighbor in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Grail (Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory) probes were launched back in September and will mark the 110th mission to the lunar wasteland. YES, 110th mission. I did not realize that we sent 110 missions, which include the Apollo missions to the desolate rock that orbits around the Earth. These two probes are scheduled to study and send back data concerning the gravity on and around the moon. I have to think that we would have had this all figured out in the 1960's when Buzz Aldrin set foot on the lunar surface. Has the gravity surrounding the moon changed that much in 40 plus years? I wouldn't think so! The question here is why are we studying this again?

There could be several reasons which have not been released by NASA as of yet. Reason one could be their theory that we will use the moon as a stepping stone to Mars. I guess we would need to know all about the gravity in order to build a launching station there. This seems to be a good reason, however once again I say shouldn't we know all of this information by now? Reason number two would be that we never did land a man on the moon as some conspiracy theorists would believe therefore we know nothing about the moon other than it stares us in the face almost every night. This reason does have one major flaw. That flaw is that scientists just recently claimed that they found the remnants of our lunar missions on the surface of the moon. Of course it took us 30 years to actually look for this space junk. Odd, isn't it! Finally, reason three which is the 2012 theory of the alignment of our solar system into the Dark Rift or the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Some scientists believe that this alignment will cause great changes in gravitational pulls as well as increased solar activity. The increased solar activity is a fact, not a Mayan Prophecy.

I am leaning toward the third theory on this one. If we actually landed on the moon back in the 60's and I believe we did, then why in the hell do we need to study the moon? The man in the moon is nothing more than a barren orb that circles our planet. It does guide our tides and gravity to some point. Without the moon we would be in deep doo-doo. However, this mission combined with the solar ion collector which was attached to the space station during the last shuttle mission makes me think that something is up. I bet you didn't know that little fact! It also makes me think that our government knows something about this 2012 thing and they are clamming up. Isn't that usually what our government does? Hell, they have kept denying the existence of UFO's for how many years now. I think the rats in the federal government know something bad may happen and they are not telling us. Why would we waste millions of dollars to go back to the moon when millions of Americans are hungry and do not have health care. It just seems odd to me. Let's cut the crap! It's time to spill the beans on the entire galactic alignment thing so we all know what we need to do. I for one am getting ready. My first purchase is ammo!

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