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Monday, April 9, 2012

A Wake Up Call

As I keep a close eye on the Tyler Winstead murder that happened this past Thursday, I can only keep thinking that it is time for "We The People" to start taking back our neighborhoods. In case you had your head buried in the sand like an Ostrich, 14 year old Tyler Winstead was gunned down in cold blood on High St. in Wilkes-Barre as he returned from the C.Y.C. Tyler was a quiet kid who happened to be an Honors Student at GAR High School, an athlete and what everyone says an all around good kid. His football coach for the Heights Packers described him as a "quiet kid, always had a smile for you and was kind, kind as could be". Wilkes-Barre Police have been tight lipped so far as to what or any leads that they have as to who would commit this senseless killing. I guess they either have a solid lead and want to spring on the scum bag when everything falls in place or no leads at all and are back at the station eating fresh donuts and playing Solitaire on their computers. I think you all know which one of these I would lay a paycheck down on! The bottom line is this entire thing sickens me! Even as I write this Gripe, I keep saying to myself "why would someone just gun this kid down in cold blood in the middle of the street"? It just doesn't make any sense! Was it a case of mistaken identity? Was he killed as a message to someone else by the scum sucking drug dealers who are slowly taking over our city? Was he actually in over his head in something and got whacked? My guess it will come out it was a case of mistaken identity that took the life of a good young man. No matter what the case, the killer or killers should be tried, convicted and strung up in the middle of Public Square to be torn limb from limb by Tylers relatives and the residents of The Heights.

I for one am sick and tired of reading about the murders, robberies and assaults that happen every single stinking day in Wilkes-Barre. Our once good city has gone to the dogs and the drug dealers. A person I know that just moved to this area from Vermont told me that there is more crime here in W.B. in one month than there was in one year in the entire state of Vermont. I am not going to look up that statistic, but I think I might believe it! Now this crime has reached its filthy tentacles into towns like Kingston, Plains, Parsons and Miners Mills. It's like a virus, infecting our area and spreading from town to town. I remember as a kid growing up in Kingston we would go to the drive-in every Sunday night and leave the front and back doors open and unlocked to we could get cool fresh air throughout the house. No one ever walked in to steal anything. If you did that now you would come home to an empty house. Your neighbors would think you are moving.

So what is the solution? It's simple. It's time for "We The People" to take back what is ours. Form Crime Watch Groups and demand that the police be more proactive in patrolling neighborhoods. Visibility is 75% of the battle. Wilkes-Barre needs beat cops working the streets down and around downtown W.B. to vacate the square rats that infest what should be a hub bub of activity. Lets make sure we arm the cops with weapons better and more powerful than these drug dealers. Hell, older military surplus weapons are available to law enforcement. Let's go out and get them. A cop walking a beat downtown with an M-16 or M-1 strapped to his body would turn some heads. Let's raid all of these drug houses. Everyone in the neighborhoods know exactly where they are but the cops never seem to raid them. WHY? The answer you always get is "we are waiting for the right time so we can catch the bigger fish". I say lets exterminate the bait fish so the "bigger fish" will starve and move to another area. We can call it "Operation Drug Extermination". Folks, it's time we take our streets back! I want to feel safe on the streets after dark! I don't want to lock my car doors every time I am in W.B. when the sun goes down. Perpetrators of crime watch out, "We The People" are coming to get you!

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