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Friday, August 3, 2012

Gripers Respond To Womens Delusional Thinking

Yesterday I hung my you know what into the wind and wrote about a post that I saw on Facebook.  This post lead me to write about the delusional thinking of some women especially when they think they are "In Love".  I knew this was going to cause some controversy and boy was I right.  Here is what was posted on Facebook.

Bob "The Nature Boy":  These women live in fantasy land .  And I will add to this later when I have some time.

Lisa M AKA My Wife.:  And so will I. And the R2G may be in jeopardy. We will see who has delusional thinking when Jim's lap top is in a million pieces.

Jackie G:  Hahaha Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe F:  Ouch lol  (Who by the way is in love)

Cheri S:  WOW!  Who the hell WANTS the remote control OR a man who sits around watching TV?  What kind of a loser is a nag or would listen to one? They must deserve each other!  I hate followers….wouldn’t want one and would NEVER be one!  Both men and woman get to have booze night! (PS NEVER get involved with a woman who can’t party like a rock star! She’ll just bore you to death…..)
Real men NEVER say they are sorry because real women are confident enough to want men who do just as they please and own it!

Rebecca F:  HAHAHA LISA ....I Think Even Craig would think twice about posting something like this ...Jim WTF were you thinking?????

Bob "The Nature Boy":  Well I have a few things to say here 1 ) right away destruction comes from having no defense 2) I would never follow 3) booze night is a necessity , just to keep your sanity , and you really need to party like a rock star 4) really men say there sorry when needed , and really men can shed a tear , and real men actually care ..... More to Come but I have to go.

Bob "The Nature Boy": I will leave with this .... If any woman dated a " man " like the original 10 that started this ... She would be nuts and he would be a feeble , weasel , looser .... Or just a sponge !

Tim "Pa Juggalo":  For what its worth I've learned the key to actually winning an argument with a woman is to say "You're right dear let's not argue about this." Women love to argue and never shut up so if you say that right at the beginning they are confused and don't know what to do. So then they get mad and try to argue more and you just keep saying No hunny you're right. And then they scream at you and the next day she owes you some horizontal humping because she screamed at you and feels terrible when you were doing nothing but trying to stop the argument. Then she still feels bad so she goes and gets you some beer. Use their love of arguing against them.

The R2G Washington Connection:  I didn't want another little brother anyway....good gripe!  ( This came from deep inside the bowels of Washington.  You had to figure something would be blacked out.)  We cannot divulge the identity of our connection.

Marty M.:  Right on Jim!!!!!!!!

The Drake:  The person who originated the 1 st top 10 is either huffing gasoline or munching on Bath Salts!!!'

There you have it, responses from our Gripers.  It appears that most of the men are in total agreement with my responses while the women are either angry or just amazed that I actually posted this.  Just for the record, my wife is still contemplating the destruction of my laptop.

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