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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

China Can Go......Themselves

David Lin and his mural
I read an article this morning that raised my blood pressure to cosmic levels.  When I read this story I hit the roof, I went APE, I blew a gasket.  It was reported by NBC News that a vivid mural in an Oregon town that depicts a Tibetan monk's immolation and promotes independence for Taiwan has created a dust-up with China, whose consular officials have asked the city to take "effective measures" to stop such advocacy.  WHAT?  WHAT?  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!  The Chinese want this mural taken away.  They want it painted over.  They want us to squash the freedom of speech which separates us from them.  I don't think so.  The brightly colored mural, painted last month, runs 100 feet long and about 10 feet high along the top of a building at a busy intersection owned by businessman David Lin, who came to America from Taiwan in the 1970s.  The mural shows the immolation of a Tibetan monk against a bright yellow background and depicts a Tibetan monk being beaten by Chinese police, in addition to what the Corvallis Gazette-Times described as "images of Taiwan as a bulwark of freedom." 

Chinese Police Raid Zilkar Monestry
The status of Taiwan and the human rights situation in Tibet is a contentious political issue for China, which considers Taiwan a breakaway province to be eventually unified with the mainland.  Since this is such a hot topic, the Chinese consulate actually sent representatives to Corvallis to express concern in person on September 4. Vice Consul Zhang Hao and Deputy Consul General Song Ruan met with Mayor Julie Manning and City Manager Jim Patterson where no demands were made. Corvallis, about 80 miles south of Portland, has a population of about 54,500 people. It is home to Oregon State University, which Patterson said has an estimated 1,600 Chinese students.  The mayor of the town of Corvallis, where a Taiwanese-American businessman installed the downtown mural to express his political views, responded by telling consular officials free speech laws barred the town from taking any action.

I think the Chinese should crawl back into their holes and drop dead.  They need to shut their rice holes and go away.  I was happy to see that the officials of Corvallis did not shudder in fear because the Chinese sent Hoo Flung Poo and Mei Xui (chew) Dung to try to strong arm them.  To the Chinese I say, "F*#@ You, you scum sucking parasites".  They have bombarded our retail stores with their cheap worthless crap which is made by slave laborers.  They have systematically lured industry out of the U.S. because of the low costs of manufacturing and now they want to tell us what we can do and or say.  No way Sum Ting Wong.  I think everyone should put a picture of a Tibetan Monk getting the crap kicked out of him by the Chinese authorities in protest.  Then let's see what they say.  I could go on and on about the Chinese government but it would be way too long to read.  To sum it up I say drop dead you bastards.  We The People will paint, hang and display any kind of mural we want and there is nothing you can do about it!     

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