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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Super Size Me....Not In New York

Well, it's official.  A short time ago I wrote about New York City and their crusade against unhealthy foods and drinks.  Today, The Big Apple banned super-sized sugary drinks in restaurants.  The NYC Board of Health, which by the way are all appointed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg easily approved the rule which limits soda and other sugary drinks to 16 ounces.  Assuming this Nazi like edict is not challenged in court, the super sized soft drink will go by the waste side in about six months.  Eight members voted yes, none opposed, and one board member, Sixto R. Caro, a doctor, abstained after saying he remained "skeptical" about how much good the rule would do to curb obesity.  It seems that Mayor Bloomberg is going on a personal crusade to fight obesity in his city.  In public comments that preceded the board’s vote, critics accused the city of failing to spend money to ensure kids in poor, urban areas most affected by diabetes and other weight-related issues have after-school recreation programs or parks in which to exercise. They also said the rule would add to New York’s image as a "pansy" state where the mayor has imposed several health-related changes that have changed the face and ways of America’s largest city.

If you remember, in 2008 New York became the first major city to force large restaurant chains to include calorie counts on menus. Last year, they banned smoking in most public areas, including beaches, parks and pedestrian plazas. In 2006, it passed the nation’s first law requiring restaurants to drastically cut the use of artificial trans fats in prepared food.  Many of these laws have been adopted by other states such as Pennsylvania.  Bloomberg's jihad on fat came about when the city found out that 58 percent of New Yorkers are overweight or obese, and nearly 40 percent of the city’s public school children are obese or overweight. Supporters of the soda rule blame the fizzy drinks for much of the problem, saying Americans consume an average of 40 gallons a year.  "It’s time to face the facts: Obesity is one of America’s most deadly problems, and sugary beverages are a leading cause of it," Bloomberg said last week, after announcing that Weight Watchers had thrown its support behind the soda rule.  On a side note, the rule does not affect grocery stores, which are controlled by the state.  AHHHHH here we have it!

Call me cynical, but doesn't this law impede my right to drink a "Big Gulp" or a "Super Slushy".  Hell, if I want to slam down a mega blaster soda I should have the right to do so.  Our founding fathers are turning over in their graves to look for an extra large coke.  What's next, are they going to close all of the fast food joints in New York?  Are they going to make mandatory exercise periods throughout the day?  As of right now, I can't smoke a cigar at the bowling alley or at a baseball game and soon it will be no large sodas.  I have had enough of the government taxing the crap out of me and then telling me what I can and can't do.  If all goes to these lilly livered health nuts plans, booze will be next and that is where I draw the line.  I can see it now, Prohibition 2014 sponsored by The Mothers Against Drunk Driving.  Take me out back now and shoot me.    

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