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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Replacement Refs (Still Under The Hood)

It appears that the blown call to end the Green Bay vs Seattle game on Monday night has caused an outcry across the nation.  ESPN is talking about it.  CNN is talking about it.  Even the Presidential candidates are talking about it.  Our Gripe yesterday about the NFL replacement Refs has caused quite a stir as well.  People are responding via Facebook with their thoughts on the subject.  Here are some of the responses.

Renee Chandler:  Week 3 was the absolute worst!!!!!

Bob "The Nature Boy":  Let me state this these are division 3 officials , the game is way over there head , the play in question is not a reviewable play , and finally the part timers want a full pension without personal contributions , that would be a sweet deal for anyone . If I was an owner I would say full time officials only then possible pension . How in the hell do part timers start a union anyway ! The refs suck always , we bitch them weekly , but yet we watch .The NFL owners will not cave on this . Would you as a business owner ?   From what I can gather form all this talk is that you cannot review that play to determine if an interception was made.  They have a seasoned vet official looking at the replay . And bad calls are made all the time an you my griping friend say it almost every week , as do most with "HOLY CHRIST THAT'S THE WORSE CALL I'VE EVER SEEN "give me a break the refs screw up all the time , remember the coin flip heads he said tails game to name just one .

Tim "PA Juggalo":  As much as I may not like them there hasn't been a single call this year that we hadn't seen with "regular refs'' before. Its just under more scrutiny because they are "replacements"

"The Drake":  The Packer game was the WORST call I've seem in the last ten years ! It's like roughing the Snapper!! (Yes folks, that was a real penalty in a Notre Dame game)

Mike Palko:  Screw the NFL. Watch College football and "Line 'em up " !!!

Deno P:  "F" the NFL...nothing better than college football !

The Washington Insider:  Bob is right, possession is not reviewable. But that isn't the issue here. There was no "simultaneous possession" and no regular ref would have made the same call. Also, you would never have a situation where one official calls a touchdown and the other calls a touch back. To make the call of a touchdown indicates a lack of being able to see what is happening during a play - because it was as clear distilled water that Jennings had that ball. Golden Tate (former Irish great) didn't have that ball. He was on his back UNDER NEITHER JENNINGS. In all actuality, he only had 1/3 of his arm on the ball. Jennings made the "football move" by bringing the ball to his chest. Also, Tate got away with the most blatant pass interference I have ever seen. Then there is the pass interference 2 plays before. My 4 year old daughter could have got that call right. The "regular refs make bad calls" argument is bullshit. They make bad calls but no where near this bad and not nearly as consistently. That argument has as much weight as the fart I just let out.

There you have it.  Some of the Facebook posts that came in on the topic of the Replacement Refs in the NFL.  Tomorrow, I will fill you in on exactly why the NFL and the officials are at odds and what football fans should do about it.  This will blow your top off. 

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