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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sick Monkeys

Do any of you remember James Antonelli and Jennie Marie Moore?  Several months ago the husband and wife team were sentenced to a mere 30 months probation for abusing a young boy.  The victim claimed that the couple forced him to perform sex acts on Moore.  The boy also claimed that he used to be locked out of his house on cold, rainy days which gave the couple the opportunity to force him into their home.  Antonelli pleaded no contest to charges of criminal conspiracy to commit indecent assault while Moore pleaded no contest to indecent assault.  Judge David Lupas ordered both to register under Megan's Law for a period of 10 years and to have no contact of any type with minors.  First off, probation for 30 months?  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!  They sexually molested a kid for Gods sake.  I just don't understand our court system.  How can these two scum bags only get 30 months probation?  I think they should have been locked up in the crow bar hotel for 30 months at least.  These types should be taken off the streets because they will do it again......And they did!

On Friday it was reported that Antonelli and Moore's probation officer found that the couple possessed pornography, took a birthday  trip to a local amusement park (Knoebels) AND had inappropriate contact with their dog.  Yep, you read that right, their dog.  According to the Luzerne County probation department, Jennie Moore called their office on June 6th to report that she and Antonelli were having sex with their Golden Retriever.  The office also found pictures and video's on their computer which showed people having sex with horses and dogs amongst other animals.  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!  These low life scum bag filth monkeys could not have sex with kids so they turned on their poor dog.  I feel bad for the dog here.  Talking about "screwing the pooch"?  These people molested a kid and now they turn their sickness onto the poor dog.  When I read this story I shuddered and then threw up in my mouth.  These are two sick "puppies" and they need to be locked up possibly forever.     

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Replacement Refs (Still Under The Hood)

It appears that the blown call to end the Green Bay vs Seattle game on Monday night has caused an outcry across the nation.  ESPN is talking about it.  CNN is talking about it.  Even the Presidential candidates are talking about it.  Our Gripe yesterday about the NFL replacement Refs has caused quite a stir as well.  People are responding via Facebook with their thoughts on the subject.  Here are some of the responses.

Renee Chandler:  Week 3 was the absolute worst!!!!!

Bob "The Nature Boy":  Let me state this these are division 3 officials , the game is way over there head , the play in question is not a reviewable play , and finally the part timers want a full pension without personal contributions , that would be a sweet deal for anyone . If I was an owner I would say full time officials only then possible pension . How in the hell do part timers start a union anyway ! The refs suck always , we bitch them weekly , but yet we watch .The NFL owners will not cave on this . Would you as a business owner ?   From what I can gather form all this talk is that you cannot review that play to determine if an interception was made.  They have a seasoned vet official looking at the replay . And bad calls are made all the time an you my griping friend say it almost every week , as do most with "HOLY CHRIST THAT'S THE WORSE CALL I'VE EVER SEEN "give me a break the refs screw up all the time , remember the coin flip heads he said tails game to name just one .

Tim "PA Juggalo":  As much as I may not like them there hasn't been a single call this year that we hadn't seen with "regular refs'' before. Its just under more scrutiny because they are "replacements"

"The Drake":  The Packer game was the WORST call I've seem in the last ten years ! It's like roughing the Snapper!! (Yes folks, that was a real penalty in a Notre Dame game)

Mike Palko:  Screw the NFL. Watch College football and "Line 'em up " !!!

Deno P:  "F" the NFL...nothing better than college football !

The Washington Insider:  Bob is right, possession is not reviewable. But that isn't the issue here. There was no "simultaneous possession" and no regular ref would have made the same call. Also, you would never have a situation where one official calls a touchdown and the other calls a touch back. To make the call of a touchdown indicates a lack of being able to see what is happening during a play - because it was as clear distilled water that Jennings had that ball. Golden Tate (former Irish great) didn't have that ball. He was on his back UNDER NEITHER JENNINGS. In all actuality, he only had 1/3 of his arm on the ball. Jennings made the "football move" by bringing the ball to his chest. Also, Tate got away with the most blatant pass interference I have ever seen. Then there is the pass interference 2 plays before. My 4 year old daughter could have got that call right. The "regular refs make bad calls" argument is bullshit. They make bad calls but no where near this bad and not nearly as consistently. That argument has as much weight as the fart I just let out.

There you have it.  Some of the Facebook posts that came in on the topic of the Replacement Refs in the NFL.  Tomorrow, I will fill you in on exactly why the NFL and the officials are at odds and what football fans should do about it.  This will blow your top off. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Replacement Refs (After further review....)

For some time now I have debated on giving up on watching NFL games.  Over the past few years the games have become one dimensional, convoluted and down right boring.  Compared to a college football game they just don't stack up.  However, the lure of the Sunday football game keeps dragging me back in like the call of the sirens.  Every Sunday something happens and I get out my bible to swear that I will not watch next week.  Of course, I perjure myself the following weekend by clicking on one of the lame games that I am socked with.  Living in Northeast Pa., I am relegated by law to watch either the Eagles, Steelers, Giants or Jets.  None really float my boat and in fact, I loath the Eagles and the Steelers.  I can tolerate the Jets and the Giants, but would prefer to watch a good match up instead.  Whoever came up with regional coverage should be strung up by the neck until they are dead.  They assume that everyone in Pennsylvania likes the Eagles or the Steelers.  Well, they don't!  By the way, I refuse to pay a boat load of cash on the NFL package because in my opinion it's not worth it.  I rather watch golf or NASCAR for free than pay to watch an NFL game on TV.  This is another of the many reasons that I have tried to stray away from the NFL pack.

Speaking of The PAck, last night, if you didn't see it, the Packers lost to the Seattle Seahawks with no time remaining on the clock on a play that will be dissected and analyzed for weeks to come. Seattle QB, Russell Wilson threw a hail Mary pass to the end zone which appeared to be intercepted by Green Bay's M.D. Jennings.  The INT would have secured a hard fought win for The Pack.  However, as Jennings came down with the ball, Seattle receiver Golden Tate reached around and got one hand on the ball as both men fell to the ground.  The refs ran in, one called an interception for a touch back and the other called a touchdown for Seattle.  After a short conference, the refs called it a touchdown.  Of course bedlam breaks loose and the zebra's go to the replay.  After further review the play on the field stands, touchdown Seattle and that quick they win the game.  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!  What replay were these guys looking at?  Did someone throw in an altered video because it seemed pretty clear to me and most of the country that it was an interception.  Even John Gruden could not believe that they called it a touchdown.  This  unfathomable call was made by replacement refs who have made a joke out of the games this year.

Every week the lure of the NFL calls me in and I watch a game or two or three.  So far this year I have shaken my head in disbelief so many times due to poor officiating that my neck had to be put in traction.  My chiropractor is getting a new BMW on me.  Just when I thought the officiating could not get any worse, a call like last nights happens.  This insane call even after a review may be the last straw.  The games have become such a joke, people may now watch just to get a laugh.  These poor bastards that are taking the place of the greedy sons of bitches who normally ref the games are out of their league.  By the way, the regular officials are not on the job because the NFL will not give them a pension.  That is one of the sticking points in their contract negotiations.  Unions, greedy moth eating sons of bitches.  In fact, last night a biddy football ref may have been able to do a better job.  There was more laundry thrown on the field last night I thought I was at the laundromat.  I kept digging in my pockets for quarters.  I understand that the game of football is so fast and so physical and that alone makes it very difficult to officiate.  However, it drives me crazy when they go to a video replay and STILL get it wrong.  I just don't get it!  They have 17 different angles, super slow-mo and freeze frame capabilities and they STILL get it wrong.  How does this happen?  My opinion is last night they knew that an interception was the correct call but they feared for their lives.  They wanted to get the hell outta dodge in one piece.  If they overturned the bogus call on the field they may have not made it off the field.  Anyway, I have now placed my hand on the bible once again to swear off the NFL.  We will see if the lure of the pro football sirens calls me back in this weekend.  After further review, stick a fork in me, I am well done.    

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Middle East - Is It Our Own Fault (Part 3)

So far we have covered the U.S. involvement in Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.  I have presented some facts and figures and came up with my conclusions.  Of course, you can look at these facts that I have posted, look further into the topic and come to your own conclusions.  I hope that you do.  The topic of our involvement in the Middle East is and important one that we should overlook as politics as usual.  In today's Gripe, we will take a look at Libya and our role in the ousting and death of dictator Moammar Gadhafi.  Our role was not as prominent in Libya, but the U.S. was a part of a NATO force that helped Libyan rebels overthrow the long time tyrant. Something that most of the world had wanted for many years.  The Libyan Revolution began on February 15th, 2011 as a protest march in the city of Benghazi.  During the march, Libyan security forces fired on the crowd which resulted in several protesters dying.  This simple protest then escalated into a full rebellion which spread across the country.  After several months of civil war, rebel forces overtook the Gadhafi government and established the National Transitional Council which was recognized by the United Nations as the official governing body of Libya on September 16th, 2011.  On October 20th, rebel forces along with outside help from NATO captured and killed ousted dictator Moammar Gadhafi.  He was found hiding in a drainage ditch outside the town of Sirte.  Needless to say, he never made it to trial because the people pummeled him to death in the back of a pickup truck.

As I mentioned above, the U.S. involvement in the Libyan revolution was more behind the scenes than right up front.  However, we did play a major role along with 15 other countries which made up NATO forces.  However, the U.S. has wanted Gadhafi ousted for a long time because of his unpredictability in conjunction with Libya's vast supply of oil.  With the rebels struggling early in the rebellion, NATO took it's place and provided weapons, intelligence and training for the rebels.  With this help, they were able to overtake the Libyan forces and depose the hated tyrant.  During this revolution, the U.S. spent close to $1.1 billion dollars but barley left a footprint in the sand.  John Barry of The Daily Beast reported, "But behind the scenes, the U.S. military played an indispensable role in the Libya campaign, deploying far more forces than the administration chose to advertise. And at NATO headquarters outside Brussels, the U.S. was intimately involved in all decisions about how the Libyan rebels should be supported as they rolled up control of cities and oil refineries and marched toward the capital, Tripoli."  "The Libya campaign was a unique international effort: 15 European nations working with the U.S. and three Arab nations. The air offensive was launched from 29 airbases in six European countries. But only six European nations joined with the U.S. and Canada to fly strikes against Gaddafi’s forces. The scale of the unpublicized U.S. role affirms hawks’ arguments: a divided NATO simply couldn’t have waged the war it did without extensive American help. What the hawks underestimated was the U.S. ability to operate without publicity—in military lingo, beneath the radar."

The U.S. presence was so quiet, not many people knew that we sent a dozen warships including a sub (USS Florida)We launched 100 Cruise Missiles, we provided 30 to 40 air tankers to refuel European jet fighters and when the NATO forces ran low on precision attack munitions, the U.S. resupplied them.  We also supplied intelligence information gathered by drones which flew over Libya constantly.  U.S. AWACS aircraft, high over the Mediterranean, handled much of the battle-management task, acting as air-traffic controllers on most of the strike missions. Again, the Europeans have AWACS, but not enough crews to handle an all-hours campaign lasting months.   Eavesdropping by U.S. intelligence, some by aircraft, some by a listening post quietly established just outside Libya gave NATO unparalleled knowledge of what Gaddafi’s military planned. All this was crucial in supporting the European effort. But U.S. involvement went way beyond that. In all, the U.S. had flown by late August more than 5,300 missions, by Pentagon count. More than 1,200 of these were strike sorties against Libyan targets.

I have spent a ton of time on Libya because this was a revolutionary war which on the surface seemed to lack a huge U.S. presence.  However, that could not be further from the truth.  We had a huge role in the overthrow of Gadhafi.  So far the verdict is not out yet as to whether we helped to destabilize another Middle Eastern nation.  However, on September 11th, terrorists attacked the U.S. embassy in Benghazi killing Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and several other Americans.  It appears that many armed militant groups have taken over parts of Libya.  However, on a very positive note, Libyan people stormed an Ansar al-Shariah camp driving them out of Benghazi.  This is the militant al-Qaida inspired group that some allege played a role in the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. Embassy.  "In a dramatic sign of Libya's fragility, the crowd swept through the base and went on to attack a pro-government militia, believing them to be Islamists, triggering an armed response in which at least 11 people were killed and more than 60 wounded, according to Reuters."  The verdict is still out on Libya, however it seems that our involvement in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya have destabilized these countries which has allowed militant groups to gain footholds.  One thing is for sure, the tyrannical dictators that we helped depose kept these nations under lock and key.  If you got out of line, off came your head.  Is it the right thing, the humane thing, NO!  However, these people do not know any better.  They have been under this type of rule since the dawn of mankind.  Democracy to them is a ticket to go APE!  I think It is time to get the hell out of there and let these neanderthals alone.  The only problem I see with this is they control the oil.  I guess it's all about the oil isn't it. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Middle East- Is It Our Own Fault (Part 2)

After several days of being under the weather, I am back and ready to lay out Part 2 of why all the problems in the Middle East are our own fault.  To recap, it all started in 1979 when the "Peanuts" Carter and "Bonzo" Reagan administrations left the Shah of Iran high and dry which led to the radical cleric Ayatollah Khomeini taking power.  The we moved to Afghanistan where we helped their people defeat the Soviets in a war that lasted 10 years from 1979 to 1989.  We helped with weapons, but when they needed our help to rebuild their country,  President George "Papa" Bush said in his Texas drawl, "see ya later y'all".  This led to them hating our guts for bailing out on them when they needed us the most.  Now it's on to Part 2 where we will take a look at Iraq.

In 1990, the United States along with NATO forces went to the aid of oil rich Kuwait who had been invaded by Iraqi forces.  The Iraqi's claimed that their neighbor had parallel drilled underground for oil on their territory and they had the right to attack.  A claim which was substantiated as fact some years later.  The initial conflict to expel Iraqi troops from Kuwait began with an aerial bombardment on January 17th, 1991. This was followed by a ground assault on February 24th. This was a decisive victory for the coalition forces, who liberated Kuwait and advanced into Iraqi territory. The coalition ceased their advance, and declared a cease-fire 100 hours after the ground campaign started. Aerial and ground combat was confined to Iraq, Kuwait, and areas on the border of Saudi Arabia.  On 12 August 1990, Saddam Hussein called for compromise via Baghdad radio and the former Iraqi News Agency. Hussein "proposed that all cases of occupation, and those cases that have been portrayed as occupation, in the region, be resolved simultaneously.  The coalition forces had done their job for now.  I say for now because in 2003, President George "W" Bush sent American forces into Iraq claiming that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.  The administration also claimed that Iraq was harboring and supporting Al-Qaeda terrorists.  There were no weapons of mass destruction and the harboring of Al-Qaeda could never be proven.  However, we did invade and the war is still going on today even though we captured Saddam, tried him in an Iraqi Kangaroo Court and hung him by the neck until he was dead.  Shortly after in 2004, the number of insurgent attacks increased which led to the deaths of many Iraqi citizens, authorities and coalition forces.  To this day, these attacks continue with no end in sight.

In my opinion, all the invasion of Iraq did was to destabilize another Middle Eastern nation.  Once Saddam Hussein was captured and executed, the strong arm government that kept these people under thumb was gone.  There was no longer a viable threat to the people if they got out of line.  Again, the people of the Middle East have been ruled by ruthless dictators for centuries.  They do not know and cannot handle democracy, PERIOD!  The question here is why does the U.S. continue to believe that they can?  If we actually do believe that the rest of the world including the Middle East can embrace democracy we are delusional in our thoughts.  Democracy is unique.  It is special.  The U.S. was able to put this form of government into place where no one else can.  It was the convergence of many things that led to this unique form of government.  It will not and cannot work in the Middle East because these barbaric sand monkeys must be held under the iron fist of a supreme ruler.

Next, we are on the train to Libya.       


Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Middle East - Is It Our Own Fault? (Part 1)

The Shah of Iran with  Jimmy Carter

With the Arab nations in the Middle East going bonkers over a stupid film trailer that portrays Muhammad, one would wonder if all this is our own fault?  Is the U.S. to blame for these idiotic acts of violence?  Well I have asked this question to myself and I have come up with the answer of YES.  You read that correctly, the answer is YES.  In the past 33 years, the United States has helped greatly in the destabilization of the Middle East.  Let me tell you how I came up with this answer.  Let's go back to 1979, then President Jimmy Carter and his administration did nothing to help when Iranian Revolutionaries overthrew The Shah Of Iran, Mohammad Rezā Shāh Pahlavī.  Earlier in October of 1977, militant anti-Shah demonstrations of a few hundred started after the death of Ayatollah Khomeini's son Mostafa.  The Shah saw his country being divided and put the hammer down on anyone who questioned his regime.  A year later strikes were paralyzing the country, and in early December a "total of 6 to 9 million", more than 10% of the country marched against the Shah throughout Iran.  Shortly after, the Shah vacated his position as the ruler of Iran and fled to France.  The world wondered who would take the Shah's place?  It was the Ayatollah Khomeini, a radical cleric who hated the United States.  Not very long after he took power, Americans were taken hostage and Iran was no longer an ally to the U.S..

Let's move to Afghanistan where between 1979 and 1989 the Afghan people fought a war with the powerful Soviet Union.  All was lost until the U.S. stepped in and provided the Afghan's rocket launchers and other weapons to combat the Soviet's.  Within a few years the tide of the war had turned and the Soviets high tailed it back home with their tails between their legs.  It appeared that the U.S. had a strategic ally in the Middle East.  Not!  With the war over, the Afghan's asked us for help to rebuild their country.   President George H. Bush and his administration turned their backs and snubbed the Afghan's.  Afghanistan was no longer an ally of America.  This was followed by the 1990s Afghan Civil War, the rise and fall of the Taliban government and the present war we are involved in today.  The decades of war made Afghanistan the world's most dangerous country, including the largest producer of refugees and asylum seekers. While the international community is rebuilding war-torn Afghanistan, terrorist groups such as the Haqqani Network and Hezbi Islam are actively involved in a nationwide Taliban-led insurgency, which includes hundreds of assassinations and suicide attacks.  According to the United Nations, the insurgents were responsible for 80% of civilian casualties in 2011 and 2012.

Tomorrow, we will look at the U.S. involvement with the destabilization of Iraq and Egypt.


Friday, September 14, 2012

The Middle East - Muslims Gone Wild

Over the past few day's, radical factions of the Muslim world have whipped the people of several countries into a sand storm of protest due to an insignificant film trailer that depicts Muhammad as a womanizer and child molester.  The riots started a few days ago in Libya where the American consulate was bombed and burned by extremists.  During this attack on American soil, 4 people were killed including U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens.  Since this day, anti American protests have sprung up in Egypt, Yemen, Tunis, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Jerusalem and India.  In Tripoli, Lebanon, protesters burned down a Kentucky Fried Chicken. In Tunisia, protesters scaled a U.S. Embassy gate and set fire to cars on the property.  The protesters who scaled the gates of the U.S. Embassy in Tunis, Tunisia, reached a garden outside the building but have not breached the building itself.  Also, the thick, black smoke that was previously reported near the Embassy is coming from burning vehicles on the Embassy grounds.  Earlier, it was reported that protesters took down a U.S. flag from a pole at the Embassy and replaced it with a black flag. Police were firing tear gas in an attempt to disperse them. Hard-line Muslims known as Salafists were among the demonstrators, Mhirsi reported.  In other word, the Muslim word has gone Coo Coo for Coco Puffs.

The thing that bugs me the most is the fact that these freakin' rag heads are ripping down American flags and burning them.  This send me into a frenzy of hatred because I respect Old Glory and what it stands for.  I wonder what would happen if a bunch of us got together on Public Square and burned a few middle eastern flags?  I'll tell you what would happen.  We would be arrested by police and the FBI would pay us a visit.  The other thing that makes my sack tighten up is these sand rats are invading American soil.  They have already killed at least 4 Americans and damaged millions of dollars worth of U.S. property.  Let me tell you something, it's time to either get the hell out of Dodge or bring some fire and brimstone to these savages.  Hell, violence is the only thing they know so maybe a few Tomahawk missiles will set their minds straight.  We also need to take a hard honest look at the aid that we are sending to these countries.  For example, we send $1.6 billion to Egypt in aid and arms.  For what?  So they can use them against us?  Maybe it's time to cut off the tap of money and use it for the repair of our deteriorating infrastructure.  By cutting off billions and billions of dollars of aid, we can cut taxes to "We The People" which will give us more money to spend therefore helping the economy.  It all makes sense to me.

Tomorrow....Is the unrest in the Middle East our own fault?  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Super Size Me....Not In New York

Well, it's official.  A short time ago I wrote about New York City and their crusade against unhealthy foods and drinks.  Today, The Big Apple banned super-sized sugary drinks in restaurants.  The NYC Board of Health, which by the way are all appointed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg easily approved the rule which limits soda and other sugary drinks to 16 ounces.  Assuming this Nazi like edict is not challenged in court, the super sized soft drink will go by the waste side in about six months.  Eight members voted yes, none opposed, and one board member, Sixto R. Caro, a doctor, abstained after saying he remained "skeptical" about how much good the rule would do to curb obesity.  It seems that Mayor Bloomberg is going on a personal crusade to fight obesity in his city.  In public comments that preceded the board’s vote, critics accused the city of failing to spend money to ensure kids in poor, urban areas most affected by diabetes and other weight-related issues have after-school recreation programs or parks in which to exercise. They also said the rule would add to New York’s image as a "pansy" state where the mayor has imposed several health-related changes that have changed the face and ways of America’s largest city.

If you remember, in 2008 New York became the first major city to force large restaurant chains to include calorie counts on menus. Last year, they banned smoking in most public areas, including beaches, parks and pedestrian plazas. In 2006, it passed the nation’s first law requiring restaurants to drastically cut the use of artificial trans fats in prepared food.  Many of these laws have been adopted by other states such as Pennsylvania.  Bloomberg's jihad on fat came about when the city found out that 58 percent of New Yorkers are overweight or obese, and nearly 40 percent of the city’s public school children are obese or overweight. Supporters of the soda rule blame the fizzy drinks for much of the problem, saying Americans consume an average of 40 gallons a year.  "It’s time to face the facts: Obesity is one of America’s most deadly problems, and sugary beverages are a leading cause of it," Bloomberg said last week, after announcing that Weight Watchers had thrown its support behind the soda rule.  On a side note, the rule does not affect grocery stores, which are controlled by the state.  AHHHHH here we have it!

Call me cynical, but doesn't this law impede my right to drink a "Big Gulp" or a "Super Slushy".  Hell, if I want to slam down a mega blaster soda I should have the right to do so.  Our founding fathers are turning over in their graves to look for an extra large coke.  What's next, are they going to close all of the fast food joints in New York?  Are they going to make mandatory exercise periods throughout the day?  As of right now, I can't smoke a cigar at the bowling alley or at a baseball game and soon it will be no large sodas.  I have had enough of the government taxing the crap out of me and then telling me what I can and can't do.  If all goes to these lilly livered health nuts plans, booze will be next and that is where I draw the line.  I can see it now, Prohibition 2014 sponsored by The Mothers Against Drunk Driving.  Take me out back now and shoot me.    

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

China Can Go......Themselves

David Lin and his mural
I read an article this morning that raised my blood pressure to cosmic levels.  When I read this story I hit the roof, I went APE, I blew a gasket.  It was reported by NBC News that a vivid mural in an Oregon town that depicts a Tibetan monk's immolation and promotes independence for Taiwan has created a dust-up with China, whose consular officials have asked the city to take "effective measures" to stop such advocacy.  WHAT?  WHAT?  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!  The Chinese want this mural taken away.  They want it painted over.  They want us to squash the freedom of speech which separates us from them.  I don't think so.  The brightly colored mural, painted last month, runs 100 feet long and about 10 feet high along the top of a building at a busy intersection owned by businessman David Lin, who came to America from Taiwan in the 1970s.  The mural shows the immolation of a Tibetan monk against a bright yellow background and depicts a Tibetan monk being beaten by Chinese police, in addition to what the Corvallis Gazette-Times described as "images of Taiwan as a bulwark of freedom." 

Chinese Police Raid Zilkar Monestry
The status of Taiwan and the human rights situation in Tibet is a contentious political issue for China, which considers Taiwan a breakaway province to be eventually unified with the mainland.  Since this is such a hot topic, the Chinese consulate actually sent representatives to Corvallis to express concern in person on September 4. Vice Consul Zhang Hao and Deputy Consul General Song Ruan met with Mayor Julie Manning and City Manager Jim Patterson where no demands were made. Corvallis, about 80 miles south of Portland, has a population of about 54,500 people. It is home to Oregon State University, which Patterson said has an estimated 1,600 Chinese students.  The mayor of the town of Corvallis, where a Taiwanese-American businessman installed the downtown mural to express his political views, responded by telling consular officials free speech laws barred the town from taking any action.

I think the Chinese should crawl back into their holes and drop dead.  They need to shut their rice holes and go away.  I was happy to see that the officials of Corvallis did not shudder in fear because the Chinese sent Hoo Flung Poo and Mei Xui (chew) Dung to try to strong arm them.  To the Chinese I say, "F*#@ You, you scum sucking parasites".  They have bombarded our retail stores with their cheap worthless crap which is made by slave laborers.  They have systematically lured industry out of the U.S. because of the low costs of manufacturing and now they want to tell us what we can do and or say.  No way Sum Ting Wong.  I think everyone should put a picture of a Tibetan Monk getting the crap kicked out of him by the Chinese authorities in protest.  Then let's see what they say.  I could go on and on about the Chinese government but it would be way too long to read.  To sum it up I say drop dead you bastards.  We The People will paint, hang and display any kind of mural we want and there is nothing you can do about it!     

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Top 5 Wilkes-Barre Tourist Attractions

Kilkenny Castle
While in Ireland, I had a chance to see and visit many tourist attractions.  I was able to see St. Patrick's Cathedral, The Rings of Kerry, Kilkenny Castle and St. Michan's Church, the site of the 800 year old Crusade Knight's mummy.  There were a tremendous amount of historical places to see because the Irish have preserved them for posterity.  I was able to visit the site of the original Guinness Brewery and the Jameson Distillery.  About 5 days into the trip I thought to myself, if people came to visit the Wilkes-Barre area, where and what would a tourist bus take them to see.  I pondered this question for quite some time because I really could not come up with several exciting as well as historical places in our area.  After more deep thought, I have come up with the Top 5 tourist attractions of Wyoming Valley.  Let's load up the tour bus, strap on the microphone and off we go.

Market St. Square
5.  Our trip around the Valley would start at the brand new Intercomodel Center in the heart of historical downtown Wilkes-Barre.  Before we pull away, look to your right.  You will see several bums and crack addicts huddled in the lot.  In case you don't know, the city was named after John Wilkes and Issac Berry, two members of the British Parliament who supported colonial America.  If you read up on their history you will know why the city was doomed from the start.  We board our bus here and go directly to Market Street Square, the site of the former Wilkes-Barre Train Station.  This historical building once saw rail service come into the city but now stands abandoned.  Back in the late 70's, it was turned into a night club complex by businessman Marvin Roth and quickly it became the "place to go" in Wilkes-Barre.  Several years later it was taken over by Wyoming Valley parasite Thom "The Tick" Greco where it was run into the ground and subsequently forced to close.  It stands today rotting from the inside out due to total neglect.  Chances are it will succumb to the bulldozer of doom.  Of course if "The Tick" is involved he will somehow work a deal with either the county or the WB Chamber so they can foot the demolition bill.

Stegmair Brewery currently
4.  As we pull out of the Market Street Square complex you will see the old Stegmair Brewery and warehouse.  At one time millions of gallons of "Steg" were made and shipped out via rail to all parts of the East coast.  Today, the historical site offers office space for federal workers, keeping the federal presence centrally located in Wilkes-Barre's downtown area.  It also houses the Wilkes-Barre Information Systems Support Center and a satellite office for the I.R.S.  There is nothing left what-so-ever in regards to it being and old brewery other than the name which means there is really nothing to see.

3. We will now head south down S. Main Street.  On your left you will see an empty lot.  This was the home of the famous Planters Peanuts.  Planters was founded by Italian immigrant, Amedo Obici right here in Wilkes-Barre. He started his career as a bellhop and fruit stand vendor in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  Obici later moved to Wilkes-Barre, opened his own fruit stand, and invested in a peanut roaster. Obici turned peddler within a few years, using a horse and wagon, and calling himself "The Peanut Specialist". In 1906, Obici entered a partnership with Mario Peruzzi. Peruzzi had developed his own method of blanching whole roasted peanuts, doing away with the troublesome hulls and skins; and so with six employees, two large roasters, and crude machinery, Planters was founded.  This once historic building was torn down due to its deteriorating condition.  Again, there is really nothing to see.  

Old Public Square
2 .  We will now head back North to Public Square.  This is the center point, the hub of our great city.  As we approach, you will see a statue of Christopher Columbus.  He had absolutely nothing to do with Wilkes-Barre.  Behind the statue you will see a small structure sticking out of the ground.  That is or should I say was the water fountain.  It broke a few years back and was never repaired.  It stands rotting away like everything else in this god forsaken town.  As we move around the Square, look to your left and you will see a plaque noting that Wilkes-Barre was the first city to have HBO.  There are no statues or plaques of John Wilkes and Issac Barre but we did get HBO first.  If you quickly look to the benches, you will get a glimpse of the ever elusive Square Rat.  These creatures come out after 5pm to infest the Square with their pestilence.  They will gather deep into the night and then scurry back tom their filthy dens before the sun comes up.

Vintage Hotel Sterling
1.  Finally our tour takes us off Public Square and down East Market Street.  Please take notice of all the abandoned building which are sure to rot and be torn down in years to come.  Speaking of rotting and tearing down, on your right you will see the once famous Hotel Sterling.  In it's day, this hotel ranked as one of the best on the East Coast.  The Sterling was known for it's beautiful lobby, large spacious rooms and private baths.  Over time The Sterling housed students from Wilkes and Kings Colleges, apartment dwellers and homeless bums and drug addicts.  The building is currently owned by CityVest who royally screwed up any chance to save the historic structure.  The Sterling will either fall down on it's own or receive the wrecking ball.  Once torn down, chances are a parking lot will be made.   

That concludes out guided tour of Wilkes-Barre for today.  I hope you got some great pictures of our lack of history.  Please exit the bus in a timely manner and we hope to see you again.         

Friday, September 7, 2012

Travel Gripes

Baggage Apes
I am back from a week long journey to my native country of Ireland.  It was a fantastic trip that covered most of the southern Irish cities and countryside.  We hit Dublin, Bunclody in the county of Wexfod and Killarney with it's Rings of Kerry.  We also had the opportunity to see Notre Dame play Navy while in Dublin.  All I have to say is it was FANTASTIC!  Thanks to Greg Paulson and Paulson Tours we all had a great time.  Now, you are thinking this is The Right To Gripe so why isn't he complaining?  Actually, I only had one Gripe with the trip and that was with the luggage handlers at JFK.  To them I say "F*#@ You, you filthy bastards.  These slack jawed baggage monkeys ripped the crap out of my suitcase and my son's.  Mine was ripped so bad I had to shrink wrap and tape it closed for the trip back to the states.  These blunt skulled apes have no regard for people's property which is exhibited with the way they throw suitcases around.  I watched them load the carts that they use to drive out to the planes.  These clowns actually throw the suitcases on the carts like they were bales of hay.  When I got to Dublin Airport and saw my suitcase, I almost went postal!  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!  I fly for 6.5 hours and I get this!  I wanted to explode all over the airport, however I kept my cool since I didn't want to get hauled away to the local hoosegow in a foreign country.  That would not have been good.

During my trip throughout this grand nation, I had a chance to notice a few things and reflect on the similarities or differences that we Americans have with the Irish.  An example is trash and littering.  On the streets of Ireland you will be hard pressed to find any trash.  Here is the U.S., our streets are strewn with trash.  The inconsiderate pigs here will open their car windows and toss their garbage right to the road side.  Hell, they will toss an entire sofa to the side in a secluded spot.  I also noticed how friendly the Irish are when you pass them on the street.  The look you straight in the eyes and say hello.  Here, people will lower their heads and walk right by.  If you do say hello to them all they do is grunt and click like a neanderthal.  This drives me nuts!  I always try to say hello but rarely get one back.  While in Ireland, I also noticed that they keep their old, historical buildings up and available to tour.  Here, we can't wait to get a bulldozer to them to rip them down.  We rode on a double decker bus one day to get to an attraction and the entire time the driver was giving us a moving history of the buildings we passed.  It was great.  That got me thinking.  What type of tour could we give people who come to Wilkes-Barre?  That is what our next Gripe will cover.  The top 5 tourist attractions of Wilkes-Barre.