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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Finding Nemo - In The Snow

Satillite view of Winter Storm Nemo
Winter Storm Nemo hit the Northeastern coastline this past week dumping record snows over the New England states.  Boston had a snow fall of 34 inches, Portland, Maine saw 31.9 inches hit the ground and Concord, New Hampshire receives 24 inches of the white terror.  In Long Island, two feet of snow fell while Central Park in New York recorded a poultry 11 inches.  This winter storm has left 5 people dead in it's wake and 650,000 without power.  One of the deaths was an 11 year old boy who was overcome by carbon monoxide while sitting in a running car to keep warm while his father shoveled snow.  Roads across the Northeastern portion of the U.S. are impassable and rescue personnel are using snowmobiles to get to stranded people.  Cars and homes throughout this area are buried in heavy snow drifts of up to 5 feet in height due to the 80 mile an hour winds that accompanied Nemo.  To say the least, this was a storm of significant magnitude that hit the northeast coast.

Here in the Wyoming Valley, we got spared from the brunt of Winter Storm Nemo.  We received 5.5 inches of snow which is a mere pittance compared to the New England states.  However, you would have thought that we broke the 24 hour snow fall record of 75.8 inches set in Silver Lake, Colorado in 1921 by the way people were acting.  The schools in our area actually closed before the first flake dropped to the ground.  In fact, the schools closed for Friday and the snow did not begin until Friday evening.  What the hell is that all about?  As soon as snow hits the forecast, panic sets in and everything gets ready to close.  Even the students that I talked to wanted to know why their school was closed.  As usual, bread and milk flew off of the shelves in local grocery stores and lines grew at the gas stations in preparation for a small amount of snowfall.  WNEP-TV fired up the sensationalizing weather machine which sent the senior citizens into a Def-Con 4 panic.

What I want to know is why Northeastern PA people have nervous breakdowns when they hear the word "SNOW"?  It snows here each and every winter.  I think everyone should be used to it by now.  If Bismark, North Dakota gets 5 inches of snow it is a normal day.  No panic there.  Buffalo, NY does not close their schools for a few inches of white stuff.  Terror does not fill their minds.  They all get snow every winter.  It's the people here in the Wyoming Valley that can't handle the snow.  These zipper heads think that we are living in the 1930's when a big snow fall would actually trap people inside their homes for a day or two.  It's not the 1950's when road plows were not as sophisticated as they are today and the pre-storm prep was not as effective.  No you idiots, it is 2013!  You are not going to get trapped in your homes.  You are not going to starve.  You are not going to be stranded on the roads without food and water.  Wake up you morons.  Learn how to drive in the snow.  Learn how to work in the snow.  Learn how to live with the snow.  Become one with the snow.  It snows here every year and you better get used to it!             

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