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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Cruise From Hell (Part 1)

Triumph Arriving in Mobile
The media has labeled it "The Cruise From Hell".  Last Saturday, the cruise ship Triumph from Carnival Cruise Lines lost power our in the Gulf of Mexico due to a fire that disabled most of its electrical power.  In case you don't know, everything and I mean everything on a cruise ship works via electricity.  This includes the lights, stoves, ship to shore radios and THE TOILETS!  Major networks like CNN have covered it 24/7 with passenger interview after passenger interview.  It has been covered like a blanket.  They reported that within a short period of time, conditions on board the ship had deteriorated due to toilets overflowing and a lack of prepared food.  There was no air conditioning which meant that inside cabins and rooms were hot and stank of urine and feces.  Nothing on board was working due to the lack of power.  The ship was literally dead in the water with over 4,200 people on board and they were out in the middle of The Gulf, half way to Mexico.  There was no cell phone coverage and no power.  The crew had to use a generator just to muster up power to radio for help.  A nightmare scenario for the passengers as well as Carnival Cruise Lines.  What on earth would they do, stranded out in the middle of no where?   

Passengers Make Tent City
After radioing for help, Carnival immediately dispatched ships with food as well as tug boats to guide the crippled floating hotel to port in Alabama.  After 5 days of what some passengers called a "living hell", the tugs brought the liner into Mobile, Alabama.  For Carnival, this is when the real nightmare starts.  As passengers departed, CNN was right on them like stink on a monkey.  Some people were angry and distraught over what had happened while others seemed relaxed and understanding of the situation.  You see, people act differently when placed in a precarious situation.  Most folks would make the best of a bad situation and move forward.  Others will see that they have been done an injustice and they want payback!  These "payback people" just plain SUCK!  As soon as the lights went out, they were thinking lawsuit!  How dare Carnival ruin my vacation.  I paid for a good time and dammit, I want it and I want it now.  These are the people that stall the lines at the grocery checkouts to argue over a two cent difference in a price.  They are the people that always want a discount.  I deal with these ass wipes everyday and they SUCK!  They are Customer Service Terrorists.  They will hold a company hostage because they are masters at bitching.  I hate these types of people and I'm sure Carnival does as well.  I would think that Carnival is lining up its crack team of attorneys because the law suits are coming.             

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