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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Recycling Hell - The War is Over!

The War is over!  The War is over!  After several weeks in recycling hell and a few battles with the enemy, I can say that the War is Over!  On Wednesday, I decided to launch an all out assault on the home base of the Forty Fort DPW.  It was a risky move, but I felt that it had to be done.  As I circled around to enter the FFDPW fortress, I thought here we go.  What would the end result be?  Would I come out victorious or would I be sent packing with my tail between my legs.  I wondered if I would remain in recycling hell or would all of the cans and bottles stacking up around me be gone for good.  As I pulled into their stronghold, it was clear that there would be no resistance on the outside.  I would have to actually enter their lair alone, a one man mission against the recycling machine.  As I walked toward the door I wondered why it seemed deserted?  No one to impede my progress toward my final goal, a second recycling bin.  As I reached for the door knob I thought, it must be locked.  With my luck there is no one in there.  I turned the knob and to my dismay, the door opened.  Still no resistance from the enemy.  As I slowly entered, it was evident that no one was around.  The DPW fortress was abandoned, open for the pillaging.  It couldn't be, this was too easy.  I took a few steps inside and then stopped to recon the building.  YES, I see the recycling bins.  Now was my chance to get what I needed and get out of there unseen.  As I moved toward the bins, I caught a figure out of the corner of my eye.  It was the enemy themselves.  As I snapped my head to the left, I heard him say, "Can I help you"?  I was caught.  For sure it would be the dungeon or the rack for me.  I turned and said, "Why yes, I need a recycling bin".  I told him that some moron, probably my neighbor stole my bin and I needed another one.  As he paused to think for a second my mind raced with ideas on what I should do.  Should I attack, go right for the throat or play it cool until I had a better opening.  Before I could decide he said, "Sure let me get you one".  I was stunned!  I could not believe my failing ears.  He would get me one, a quick and sudden surrender.  As he climbed the steps to get a brand new bin, I thought victory is mine!  The battle is over.  I waited at the bottom of the steps and down he came with a shiny new recycling bin.  It was like a booty of gold being handed over by the enemy after a long fought battle.  Just as he handed it over he said, "Make sure you put your address on this so no one takes it".  If they do, we will grab it and return it to where it belongs.  WOW, victory and total compliance.  I grabbed my loot, thanked him and quickly headed out the door.  As I walked toward my car, I raised the bin into the air like Lord Stanley's Cup and kissed it in victory.  The recycling war was over and to the victor comes the spoils.  I have been released from recycling hell and am now in co mingle heaven.       

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