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Friday, August 30, 2013

Gripe Shots

I have neglected by duties as the King of Gripe.  I have not been Griping for the past two weeks and believe you me the anger is building up inside.  When that happens it's time to pull up a stool, summon the Gripetender and slam down a few Gripe Shots.

It appears that the government of Syria has used chemical weapons on its own people.  Our government intelligence says that they have intercepts of Syrian officials talking about the gassing after it was completed.  This was the line in the sand for the Obama administration and Syria has crossed it.  It now appears that we may take military action against Syria.  So far no other country is on board, not even England.  Limey bastards!  Anyway all I have to say is, " Don't do it Barrack, don't do it"!  Syrian computer hackers have already hacked into the New York Times web site and claim that they will get into our power grids to shut down the countries electrical power.  With the backing of China, Iran and Russia they just may be able to do it.  Is this the start of World War III?

A-Rod is getting hosed.  Yes, you read that right.  A-Rod was suspended 210 games by Major League Baseball for being implicated in a PED fiasco.  Twelve other players were suspended for 52 games.  Why do I think he is getting a raw deal.  Well, first off the other guys got 52 and A-Rod gets 210.  Next, his MLB union brethren are throwing him under the bus claiming that he should not be playing while he appeals the suspension.  Players like John Lackey amongst others have voiced their opinion through the media on this matter.  In fact, Boston pitcher Ryan "Dumpster" Dempster beaned A-Rod last week as a protest to him playing.  By the way, "Dumpster" is so bad it took him 4 pitchers to make contact.  He was suspended for 5 games.  None of these players should open their spewing pie holes since they are the ones who voted in the appeal process.  Is A-Rod on PED's?  I would say yes.  Should he be suspended?  Only MLB can hand down that ruling.

Jerry "Scumdusky" Sandusky will be back in court again on October 9th, this time to fight for his $4900.00 a month pension.  Scumdusky was sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison for sexual abuse of 10 boys and had to forfeit his pension. The forfeiture also made his wife, Dottie, ineligible for benefits.  All I have to say about this one is WHAT!  WHAT!  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!  Did this guy work for Luzerne County.  Why are the courts wasting time on this.  I say NO PENSION!  If he is eligible, then all of this money should go to the victims that he raped in the showers at PSU.

Carmelo Flores Laura - If Bolivia's public records are correct, Carmelo Flores Laura is the oldest living person ever documented.  They say he turned 123 a month ago.  The native Aymara lives in a straw-roofed dirt-floor hut in an isolated hamlet near Lake Titicaca at 13,100 feet, is illiterate, speaks no Spanish and has no teeth.  He walks without a cane and doesn't wear glasses. And though he speaks Aymara with a firm voice, one must talk into his ear to be heard.  "I see a bit dimly. I had good vision before. But I saw you coming," he tells Associated Press journalists who visit after a local TV report touts him as the world's oldest person.  Hobbling down a dirt path, Flores greets them with a raised arm, smiles and sits down on a rock. His gums bulge with coca leaf, a mild stimulant that stave's off hunger. Like most Bolivian highlands peasants, he has been chewing it all his life.  Bring on the cocoa leaves!

Miley Cyrus - What the hell was that all about.  I loved the outfit, but the big teddy bears gave me the creeps.  Cyrus caused quite a stir when she performed at the MTV Music Awards.  People in the audience were dumb struck when Cyrus ripped of her teddy bear teddy to unveil a two piece gold number.  She then proceeded to "twerking" all over the stage while grabbing at her cooter.  By the way, what is a twerk?

There you have it.  I have slugged down enough Gripe Shots for now.  I think I will watch the Miley Cyrus replay. 

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