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Saturday, April 19, 2014


 Work is the curse of the drinking classes......Oscar Wilde

Shame on me.  I have been away from the R2G for way to long.  You know how it goes, WORK, home stuff, WORK, the family, WORK, friends and yes WORK.  The dreaded 4 letter word.....WORK.  The word we all dread just about every morning when we open are eyes.  WORK.  There are days that we love to WORK and then there are days we hate it with every fiber of our being.  There are some who need to WORK and then there are some who just like to WORK.  There are all types of WORK.  There is office WORK, field WORK, house WORK, dirty WORK, assembly line WORK, warehouse WORK and the list goes on and on and on.  The one thing we all know about WORK is that we do not get paid enough for the work we do.  Companies short change employees with the knowledge that there is not a lot of WORK available out there.  Employees are doing the WORK of 3 people but still getting the same pay.  Pretty soon companies will be doing everything with no one.  We all WORK hard at what we do so what so we get....more WORK!  Yep, Mary has left the company, lets not fill her position.  Sally is a hard worker, let's give the WORK to her.  Let's overload Sally and then when the WORK does not get done or there are mistakes, we can blame Sally.  Then is we have to let Sally go, we can split the WORK up for 3 other people because it was too much WORK for one person.  You have seen this scenario before.  In fact many of you have lived it.  Maybe if companies really evaluated the actual WORK loads and hired a few more people, the WORK would get done correctly by a group of happy workers.  Instead, all they look at is the bottom line.  How can we make this bloated budget that we promised the owners.  WORK, who needs it?  Unfortunately we all do.

Rob "It's a Miracle" Mericle is set to have is time before a judge next Thursday for his role in the "Kids For Cash" scandal that rocked Luzerne County.  Judge Edwin Kosik will determine the fate of Mericle with one swift swing of his gavel.  In my opinion, he deserves some time in the crow bar hotel.  Anyone involved with ruining the lives of children deserves some time with Bubba in the slammer.  Now that Mericle is up for sentencing all of his friends and associates are coming forward to say how nice a guy he is and if the judge locks him up his business will go in the toilet.  If his business goes south, then he must not have very good management running the show.  I have two words for all of this, "Tough Crap"!  He should have thought about all of this before he broke the law.  He committed the crime and now he should do the time.  In plain English he got greedy.  He took the cash and ran all the way to the juvie detention center.  He may be the greatest guy to be born on this planet, he does loads for charities, but he did break the law.  I say lock him up and maybe when he gets out he will have learned a valuable lesson.

Finally, Easter is here and it appears that this is another holiday that is going by the waste-side.  A vast majority of businesses are open and some don't even recognize Easter as a holiday.  What the hell is going on here.  For the christian religions, Easter is the most important holiday of the year.  It is the time that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead to save the souls of mankind and their wicked ways.  If you have to work on Easter Sunday, I say call off.  If everyone called off, the businesses would not open.  It's high time "We The People" get some well deserved time off from WORK.  No work on major holidays.  The corporate greed must end somewhere and the time is now.