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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Blue Chip Bitten Buttocks

This story came over from one of our enraged Gripers, Timmy "PA Juggulo" who saw it on Times Leader.com. 

WILKES-BARRE — A Duryea woman is suing a Dallas animal farm, claiming she was bitten in the buttocks during a visit to the property last year.  Kingston attorney Carl Guagliardo filed the suit in Luzerne County Court on behalf of Alicia Ciminelli.  According to the suit, Ciminelli visited Blue Chip Farms Animal Refuge on Aug. 6 to return a cat, and employees were aware she would be coming to the farm for that purpose.  When Ciminelli went back into her car to retrieve paperwork for the cat, a dog owned by the defendants “ran behind her and attacked her, violently biting her in the left buttock area,” the suit says.  Ciminelli claims one count of negligence, alleging that the owners failed to restrain the dog, and did not warn her of potential danger — even though they knew or should have known the dog had a propensity to attack, according to the suit.

Ciminelli is seeking unspecified damages for physical pain, mental anguish and loss of income.

Let me just say, "WHAT, WHAT, ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!"  You filthy, greedy son of a bitch!  Who the hell would sue a non profit no kill animal shelter?  This stuff makes me sick.  I just threw up all over the kitchen table.  If I were the judge here I would open the trial, ask this greedy nut job if she was breathing and then slam the gavel and tell her to get the hell out of my court room.  The Blue Chip was good enough to take her cat but when a dog chomped down on her fat ass she now wants to sue.  Maybe the dog thought her left hemisphere was a tasty rump roast so he took a taste.  Who knows.  The bottom line here is that this Alicia Ciminelli is looking to make a quick buck on taking a nip on the ass globe.  Yea, the dog bit her.  But c'mon, mental anguish?  I guess she can no longer twerk like she used to.

Thanks for the lead Tim and keep on Griping!

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