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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Happy Birthday America. It's the 4th of July holiday weekend and all Americans are celebrating the birth of our great nation. The founding fathers along with the colonists gave up their lives to fight the tyranny of England and King George III. The entire war was basically about freedom to make choices. It was about taxation without representation. It was all about being under the thumb of Great Britain. Our history books teach us about the Boston Tea Party, George Washington crossing the Delaware in the freezing cold and British General Cornwallis surrender at Yorktown. With the colonists victory came the shame to the British. How could they have been defeated by a rag tag bunch of misfits? The 13 colonies had no real government, no real army, no bank, no finances and no central treasury to fund the war. This was the biggest case of David versus Goliath. This band of revolutionaries led by George Washington had slain the great army of Britain. No one else in the world had been able to do this, PERIOD! The pure desire to be free led the Americans to victory. Desire, a dangerous element if you are trying to suppress it. I look back on this today and wonder, "Are our founding fathers spinning in their graves"? Our great nation has become what our early settlers despised. We are taxed out the yin yang, crime is running rampant and Washington is a disgrace. Sure, we have representation in Washington, or do we? Our representatives in the House and the Senate continue to plunge the government into chaos. Our state and local government representatives continue to add tax after tax to make up for their poor decisions which have cast our towns into a financial def-con 1. Our politicians continue to take high salaries while our people sink lower and lower into poverty. Industry continues to move out of the U.S. for cheaper labor countries like China and India. Unemployment continues to rise as does the number of people on the welfare ranks. As all of this unfolds, thousands of illegal aliens pour over the borders every day which compounds these issues 10 fold. The United States of America is sliding into the fiscal abyss and no one in government seems to give the proverbial "Rat's Ass"! Instead of making hard decisions, the government gets us bogged down into useless wars in the middle east that cost us trillions and trillions of dollars. We hand out billions of dollars to numerous countries in the form of aid. Many of these countries hate our guts, but we still give them aid. While we spend, spend, spend, the value of the American dollar drops internationally. How can we give out money we really don't have? Why are we not cutting off this charity pipeline so we help our own people. While the money spigot is open to full, our roads and bridges deteriorate to unsafe levels. More people than ever are living in the streets wondering where their next meal will come from. The Democrats blame the Republicans and visa-verse. They worry about throwing blame left and right but never come up with any answers. The fact is the government has us right where they want us. Under the thumb of tyranny. Sounds familiar doesn't it. As crime runs rampant, the police are too worried about seat belts and DUI's. Checkpoints were set up all over the valley this weekend to check for unbuckled belts and drunk drivers. Instead of closing drug houses the police are patrolling for teens who my be speeding a bit or changing lanes without a blinker. Instead of patrolling the streets in cars or on foot, they sit in stationary places waiting for someone to glide through a stop sign or yellow light. It appears that as the crime rate rises, we place fewer and fewer police on the streets due to fiscal distress. Our leaders are allowing an all out criminal assault to go unchecked. Drug dealers from New York and Philly pour into the area to peddle their crap to our citizens. While here, they murder people without remorse as if it is part of the job. It's like the Wild, Wild West and it appears that it will only get worse. Does the great United States of America have it's issues? You bet. However, she is still the greatest nation on this small planet of ours. I am not sure that I would want to live anywhere else. I have the freedom to write this blog that bashes our government representatives from all levels. If I lived in Russia or China, I would have been rounded up a long time ago and sent to Siberia or put in a prison camp. As I look at all of the fireworks, I think about how lucky I am to be an American. I just hope that our representatives can get together to come up with a plan to keep this nation great. If they don't, let's get people in there that can and will. "We The People" have the freedom to vote better people in who have the best interest of The People in mind with every decision. It's up to all of us to stay "GREAT"!

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